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Originally Posted by dano_73 View Post
I sold off all my non ingredients within the last few days, so that is still not the problem.
Hi Dano,
You did sell them off in the last couple days, but that will not bring back what you were already missing. There isn't any way for those to be restored. You need to watch your storage now to see if those items you were missing build back up as you harvest.

You need to regularly sell off the non-ingredients. I suggest selling those at least once a week. According to your data before you sold them off on the 16th you had not sold them for over a month.

I also suggested look to see what you have the most of in your storage and see if there are some that you can sell off half of to make more room in your storage. Storage has a limit on how much you can store. We can't tell you exactly what that limit is because there are several variables that determine the maximum.
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