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I would like to see more information via Show Times or some other location, concerning the status of our Bonuses and Ingredients - what our current limit is and what is remaining on that limit. Perhaps a new tool in our toolbox? It is not enough to just tell me "You can share belt bonuses with friends already" with a green check mark in place of real information. While there is a check mark fro Receive Ingredients - there is no similar check mark for Receive Bonuses.

There is a check mark to Request Ingredients and the remaining time, as well there is a check mark to indicate that I am able to Receive Ingredients - which is useless. I collect a LOT of ingredients - I have yet to see it say I am unable to receive ingredients because I capped. Is this broken as well?

I need to know how many more belts I have available to post - 5/5 or something, as well I REALLY want to know how much I have remaining on my limit cap for incoming ingredients and bonus amounts to properly manage my farm and postings.

I posted ONE bonus earlier in the day for Octopus, and not knowing my remaining limit cap made another request only to realize my cap had been reached and in effect basically wasted a bonus. Again my gift box wasn't even full before I capped out at 8 million.

In order to properly account for bonus amounts, I need to see how many bonuses I receive in my gift box, count how many items per bonus received and multiply that by the value of the item - which is as clear as mud. Is the value of the item the same as the value I sell to Tom?
Just for fun, starting with an 8 million cap how many Octopus should I be able to collect? In example I cited, it was an Octopus bonus of 2083 per bonus. If each Octopus is worth 120 coin then: 2083*120 equals 249960 per bonus received. 8000000 cap / 249960 per bonus comes out to 32 Bonuses in my gift box that I am able to collect before I cap out. Why should we have to manually visit the Seller market, find the item we wish to post the bonus for, and calculate this before hand?

It would be awful nice that when I went to post that bonus, I was informed that I would be able to collect 32 Octopus bonus gifts based on my current cap amount, Do I wish to proceed? - or at the very minimum have a running total of cap limit available so we know if we are close to the cap.

There may be a reason this hasn't been done already but searching thru countless pages on the forums, I have yet to find it. All I have seen is numerous suggestions from people asking for the same thing.


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