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Default Service Facilities beginning with E

  • Electrician Shop - Costs 6,500,000 coins - Unlocks at level 517 - You can stock this facility with - Breaker Box, Circuit Breaker, Electrical Outlet Box, Electrical Outlet, Nut Wire Connectors, Electrical Tape, Wire Stripper, Digital Multimeter

  • Electronics Store - Cost 30 Farmcash - You can stock this facility with - Siren, Radio, Clock, Thermostat, Camera, DVD Player

  • Event Catering Services - Cost 30 Farmcash - You can stock this facility with - Punch Bowl, Multiflowers Bouquet, Chafer, Chocolate Fountain, Hat and Apron, Event Decor, Folding Chair, Portable Bar, Pear Slices, Yellowtail Sushi, Garden Salad, Sesame Chicken. Grilled Steak, Bacon Wrapped Trout, Almond Crusted Chicken, Surf and Turf

  • Explorer Shop - Cost 2,300,000 coins - Unlocks at level 139 - You can stock this facility with - Hammock, Tea Kettle, Camping Tent, Mosquito Net, Swiss Knife, Hiking Pole, Rescue Whistle, Signal Mirror, Folding Grill, Candle Lantern, Veggie Snack, Walnut Snack, Pistachios Snack, Chocolate Peanuts

  • Eye Clicic - Costs 30 Farmcash - You can stock this facility with Eyeglasses, Eyeglasses Case, Lens Saline Solution, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Eye Chart.,Trial Lens Frame, Pupil Distance Ruler, Optical Toolkit

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