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Default Service Facilities beginning with B continued

  • Bowling Alley - Costs 3,800,000 coins - Unlocks at level 269 - You can stock this facility with Bowling Ball, Bowling Ball Return, Retro Bowling Poster, Bowling Pins, Hawaiian Pizza, Chicken Hot Hard Taco, Instant Hot Chocolate, Honey Icecream

  • Bridal Shop - Cost 30 Farmcash - You can stock this facility with - Wedding dress, Tie Set , Red Roses Bouquet, White Roses Bouquet , Boutonniere and Corsage, Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Hair Comb

  • Buddha shop - Costs 4,400,000 coins - Unlocks at level 435 (classified as a Religious facility) - You can stock this facility with - calm blend herbal tea, sacred om, lotus incense burner, prayer beads, buddha head, singing bowl, meditation cushion, prayer flags, zen garden

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