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Default How do I sell my crops and my gifts on the market?

You can sell your products at either Marketplace, but the Trade Marketplace is better for selling, as you are less likely to be hired there when you are busy trying to sell.

Click on the Map, and then click on the Marketplace you want to go to.

On arrival at the market, a screen offers you several choices. One such choice is to sell your harvests or gifts.

When you click on "I want to sell my harvests or gifts" it will then open your Storage where you can chose what to sell from either the "Harvests & Products section" or "Items" section.

If this screen does not appear or it randomly disappears, click on Tom, the NPC (Non-player character) in the upper right of the market. The Welcome screen appears again, and you can complete your needed task.

You can also sell primary products and products from a super facility to other farmers...

Primary products (crops, fruit, logs, flowers, fish, eggs, wool etc) can be sold to anyone in the game that is online. The Buyer and Seller do not need to be friends, neighbors or buddies and all transactions can take place anywhere within Farmtown.

Selling "Extra Products from Super Facility" is a little different as some you can only sell to your neighbours and the rest you must be at the trade makertplace to sell to others.

To find out all details on how to buy and sell click on Buying and selling between farmers

For full details on both the Job Marketplace and Trade Marketplace click on What is the Marketplace for?

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