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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
Hi Raenie,
We moved your post to the Help & Support section subject thread about Fishing. I have looked at your data and your fishing boats are in your storage, so they should be able to see them. Do they see the other one (green)?

Try taking the purple boat out of your storage and place it on a farm, then click on the Save, then restart you farms and place it back into storage.

If that doesn't help then try clearing your memcache (link below), then when the page of unsetting text opens close that as it is done.
If your farm is open close it. Then reopen and try again.
I took the purple boat out of the "Shortcuts" area and replaced it with the green boat.

Then I did the memcache renewal.

Then I reopened game.

The purple boat still does *not* show in my storage area for tools.

But I can select it (and use it) from the "fold out menu"!

The other user, can't see it on their "fold out menu".

They see the other green boat but that doesn't let them harvest the sea all at once!

tia, Raenie
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