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Default Can i make a farm Private?

Can i make a farm Private?

Yes. If you wanted to prevent anyone going to a farm for any reason, perhaps you are decorating it and want to wait until it's finished before you let others see it, it is possible to make it a Private farm. You can make all but one farm Private. You will not be able to hire anyone to work a private farm. Super Neighbours will not be able to irrigate or water a Private farm.
  • Go to the farm you want to make Private.
  • Click on the name of the farm at the top of your game screen and a window will open.
  • Place a check mark in the box for "Make this a private farm".
  • Then click the green check mark to save.

The other three options in that window are as follows >>

Make this My Default Farm - adding a check mark here means anyone visiting you would be taken to that farm, for example via clicking on your avatar at market or visiting you through the neighbour bar option.

Make this a Quest farm - If you own the Animal Harvesters, adding a check mark here would prevent the animal sheds being harvested using the Harvest All button at the top of the Facility Manager, which can be useful for Quest purposes. If you don't own any of the Harvest All tools, (Animal Harvesters) then this option is not available to you.

Disable Super-Neighbour Farming - This will prevent your Super Neighbours from doing any farming work on this farm. You may want to do this for a farm you are designing or have designed or a quest farm where you do not want anything worked on.

Super Neighbours will not be able to use any of the mobile sprinklers to irrigate or water your Quest or Private farms Note: On a Quest farm, the flowers can be watered using the watering can.

Note: Facility work - You can not post facility work from facilities on a Private farm. You will have to use other facilities on farms that are not Private. Your friends will not be able to go to the farm that is private to work those facilities. However if you have enough farms with work on them for the mayor to take over and do the last 40 to 60% the mayor will do those facilities. Those with the 2 trains that allows them to work all facilities from the farm they arrive on will be able to work facilities on a Private farm.

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