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Originally Posted by bex1985uk View Post
Hi my friend has 55 farm cash on their account and wanted to gift it to me for a christmas present , but when they select the 55 farm cash gift card in the store they receive a message saying... ERROR: You need to buy at least 25 farm cash (or earn them by completing offers) to be able to send farmcash gifts to your friends. they cant even buy a item with their cash and send it to me as it comes up with the same message. Have tried refreshing the game several times and clearing cookies etc but same thing happens.
Hi! these restrictions were stated in the New Release November, 5th

Copied from the Release:

11. Send Farm Cash gift restrictions: In order to send Farm Cash gifts to others you need to buy at least 50 farm cash since you first started playing (or earn it by completing offers).

This is to stop users creating fake facebook accounts and using bots or auto clickers to quickly get to level 25 or 27 in a day or 2 and then sending Farm Cash gifts to friends or themselves. This is not fair to the users that do not use these tricks and it also impact Farmtown revenue.

We know this is a delicate subject. We have already decided to soften the restriction a bit, to require a lifetime purchase (for the Sender) of only 25 Farm Cash, and also, to remove the restriction completely if the Sender has been playing for 6 months already, meaning, it's a legitimate Farmtown player and not a fake account just created to level up and never used again.

This last change was released Nov 6th, 11:30 PM EST.

- Send Farm Cash Restrictions updated: If the sender FarmTown account is more than 6 month old, no restriction applies. If it's newer, you need to buy or earn at least 25 farmcash (not 50) to send farm cash gifts to others.

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