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Originally Posted by barbaraelwart View Post
Hi, I am puzzled and hope I can explain things so someone can answer my query! When I go to my list of products to Export/Import, I click on a facility that has Export products. So, say I have 5 people there that indicate I can Export to them. I have many thousands of items available to export, when I click the first person, off go the products, click the second and off go the products - then, when I still have many thousands of items available, the other 3 people that were originally lit up as being able to export too, have gone to pale blue and I cannot then export to them - even though I have enough products. Why does this happen. Is there a limit to what you can export from your total number of products available?
Hi barbaraelwart,

Aussie Rae is right about the staging area. Your neighbours need to have enough space in their staging area in order for you to export to them. They get that space by importing. Each time you export to someone the data refreshes to show who else you can export to. If one no longer can be exported to that means they have either had their staging area already filled by someone else or you have run out of the specific products they needed.

It also depends on what service facility they have as to which of the products they can have exported to them. Some service facilites will only need some of the items you have and not all of them. For example if you had the pizza restaurant and your neighbour had the movie theatre, they would only need 2 of the pizzas exported to them as that is all that service facility uses for pizzas. You can see which products you can export to each neighbour by clicking on the "Check Products" button when you open a chain to export.

If when you close the specific chain your "Export Products To" button is pale blue, it means you still have products you could export but your neighbours staging areas are all full. You can only export when that button is green as that is when you have at least one neighbour to export to that has space in their staging area.

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