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Originally Posted by barbaraelwart View Post
Hi, I am puzzled and hope I can explain things so someone can answer my query! When I go to my list of products to Export/Import, I click on a facility that has Export products. So, say I have 5 people there that indicate I can Export to them. I have many thousands of items available to export, when I click the first person, off go the products, click the second and off go the products - then, when I still have many thousands of items available, the other 3 people that were originally lit up as being able to export too, have gone to pale blue and I cannot then export to them - even though I have enough products. Why does this happen. Is there a limit to what you can export from your total number of products available?
from my understanding barbaraelwart, when we Export, the person has to have room in their staging area for the goods.... if they have not Imported, and thereby moved the goods to their storage, their staging area cannot accept any new goods... this is why its important to Import before Exporting I find.... I may be wrong... one of the mods may be able to explain it more clearly for you...
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