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Originally Posted by Queen.of.Clutter View Post
I have a "Non-Friend" that keeps showing up in my Chain Manager -- she is listed nowhere on any FT lists ... we are NOT friends on Facebook - I actually BLOCKED her on Facebook a couple weeks ago to see if that would remedy this, and today she showed up again for me to import products from. ????? I thought these chains were for neighbors?? Or friends..
Hi Queen.of.Clutter,

If you don't want her to show up in FT in the various places neighbours are used, you will need to not only remove her as a neighbour, but also remove yourself from her neighbours. As you can still see her in the chains she still has you for a neighbour.

Click on the non-neighbour button where you see it in the Facility Chains, and you will be taken to her farm. Then click the tool box bottom left of the screen. Click both the top two icons to remove yourself as a neighbour and as a buddy.
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