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Originally Posted by Serenity Dilsworth View Post
With the new "Requirements" to be able to play this game, I find that I no longer care to play. If I wanted PUBLIC postings and granting access to friends to 'do not play' Farm Town, then that's what I would have signed up for. I feel like I have "PAID" for a game that I did not want to buy under these conditions. I am requesting a refund of all monies spent or the ability to send all FC items to others farmers currently playing. Please advise and thank you.
Serenity Dilsworth
Hi Serenity Dilsworth,

There is nothing new about the requirements to play the game, they are the same permissions you gave when you first started playing. You are giving authorisation for the game to access your basic information like name, picture and friends which are essential to the operation of the game, for things like gifting, train boosting, neighbours and so on. You can still choose the privacy of your posts to be what you wish if you do not want them to be public.

What's new about it is that Facebook now require you to do this every 90 days. This we have no control over, but at least it is very easy to do.
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