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Default What is a Super Neighbour?

What is a Super Neighbour?

It's main purpose is to allow you to select one (or may be a few) neighbours that will be permanently hired to work your farms when you go on vacation or have to be absent from the game for a while. They will be able to access your farms at any time to work them without the need for you to be present.

How do I make a neighbour a Super Neighbour?
When you click on your neighbours picture in the panel at the bottom of your game screen, you will see an option to "Set as Super Neighbour"

Click on that and you will be able to set various permissions that will allow your neighbour to work your farms that are not Private. The following picture shows you what the options look like, in this example all options are checked. It is entirely up to you what permissions you give to a super neighbour...

Permanently hired for farming will allow your neighbour to harvest/plow/chop/shake trees/harvest flowers and fish using their own tools or yours. Add a check mark for "Permanently hired for farming" and then add a check mark for each of the jobs you would like your Super Neighbour to do. For doing these jobs they earn exactly the same as they would as a neighbour, buddy or a friend hired from your farm. They do not get the bonus chest. For information on what they can earn see Chapter 09 Hiring.

Allow Planting will allow them to plant your fields with any crop that your game level allows using your coins. The exception to this is if you have designated a specific crop to plant on a specific farm, in that case they will only be able to plant the crop you designated for that farm. How to designate a crop for a Super Neighbour to plant for you is explained further down this post. You and your super neighbour will earn 2 XP per plot seeded. To plant for you they must open their toolbox and click on either the seeds icon or a seeder tool, when selecting a seed to plant, the Tooltip with the amount stored will reflect the amounts for the farm owner (not theirs), same for the belts shown.
If you own the manure spreaders, they will be able to Fertilize your farms for you. If you own the Mobile sprinklers for Watering Flowers or Irrigating they will be able to do those jobs for you.

When using tools, the fuel will be used from your fuel first unless you have changed the setting.There are 3 options for allowing your SN to use your fuel. Click the drop down arrow to change it to what you want.

As of July 11th 2018 you can now designate what your SN will plant on each of your farms.

Open the tool box and click on the Super-Neighbour Manager. A new window will open like this >>

Each box is one of your farms. The green shading on a farm is the farm you are currently on. Click the little drop down arrow next to each farm and it will open a list of alphabetically sorted crops for you to choose from. Use the scroll bar to the right of the list to scroll to more crops. Click on the name of the crop you want planted. Your selection will turn blue.

When you are done making your choices click the green check mark to save.

will show you the names of your farms.
will return you to the previous window.
will change ALL farms crop choice back to Any. You will receive a warning pop up when you click it. Click the green check mark to confirm or the red x to cancel.
Note: Your SN will not know beforehand , unless you tell them, what you crop you have designated for each farm. When you have chosen a specific crop they will only see that crop when they open the store. When you have chosen "Any" they will see a full list of seeds to chose from and will be able to plant any crop they choose.

Permanently Hired for Design allows them to design the farm of your choice without the need for you to be present. They will be able to move any items, freeze or unfreeze flowers (one at a time, NOT using the Flower Freezer-Unfreezer Tool), temporarily hide items with the Hide Tool. They will have access to the Orange or Green Freestyle Farm Designer tools (green/orange hand) that you or they own. The default setting for which farm to design is set for "Current farm" you may change that by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right and choosing the name of the farm you want them to design. They can only design ONE farm at a time.

Allow Buying and Selling Items With My Coins allows them to buy any coin items using your coins, both you and they will earn XP for what is bought. They may sell your coin items and also do the following. . .

a) Use his or your Bulldozers (including Excavator), Multi Planter, Transplanter, Plowing tools on your farm. This option must be checked if you wish them to plow new fields on your farm, the reason for this is that the money for the plow fields are taken from the farm owner so this should be approved by you. Your neighbour will never be able to delete Farm Cash items.

b) Buy new ground covers for your farm.

Your super neighbour will NOT be able to...
  • buy/sell animals for you.
  • use the Purple Freestyle Farm Designer (which allows purchases with both coins and Farm Cash)
  • use the Tower Crane (they have no access to your item storage)

You can also disable the Super Neighbour's permissions per farm at the farm level.

Go to the farm you do not wish them to work and click on the Farm name. Add a check mark for "Disable Super-Neighbour Farming". They will then still be able to visit that farm but will not be able to work it.

To check who you have made a super neighbour Look in your neighbours bar at the bottom of your game screen. All those with a red dot are your super neighbours. You can also sort your neighbours bar by super neighbours. Click on anyone in the bar and choose "Order by Super-Neighbour".

Currently the only way to know if you have been made a Super Neighbour is for your neighbour to tell you. When you go to their farm you will have a red dot in your picture in the neighbours bar. If you have been hired to design a farm for them, when you get to thier farms, there will be a red dot in the farm grid on the farm that you can design. The following example shows permission to design farm 1.

To remove the Super Neighbour permissions, click on your super neighbors picture in the neighbors bar choose "Edit Super Neighbour" and remove ALL of the check marks for ALL of the options. Then click the green check mark to save.

Please, if you choose to make a neighbor a super Neighbor, make sure you communicate with them exactly what it is you want them to do, especially if you are allowing them to use your coins. We have seen many complaints that SN's are doing what they want with the farms and NOT what the farm owner wants.

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