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Originally Posted by ericanl51 View Post
I just bought $20.00 worth of coins and then had a total of 128. I bought a oil refinery for 32, a Mexican restaurant for 30 and then a harvest/plow tool 100x100 and it took off 30 instead of the 40- it was supposed to. Then when I checked I did not have the tool. I can't figure out what happened. Can you check the history. I was going to buy another harvest/plow but don't have enough coins. Please let me know if I bought something by mistake for that 30 coins and what I can do.
Thank you!!
Erica Leino
Hi Erica,

I have moved your post to the thread about Farm Cash.

The tool you bought was the Plower (10 x 10)-Solar Powered for 30FC.

In order to buy the Combine Harvest-Plow (10x10) you do need to own both the Plower (10 x 10)-Solar Powered as well as the Harvester (10 x 10). You do own the Harvester. When you tried to buy the combine, the game took you to that tool as you need it before you can buy the combine.

You can check for yourself what Farm Cash you have bought, what you have spent and what you have earned in the game. To see this do the following >>
  • Click on the Account tab at the top of your game screen
  • Then click on Farm Cash Activity Log

Purchases of Farm Cash and any Farm Cash earned will have a green background.

Those with a pink background are what you have spent in game.

If you would like to see a list of what requirements are needed to buy tools you will find that in the Game Guide Chapter 25 Levels and Unlocking

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