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Is it possible to start my farm from the begining?
No you cannot start your farm new from level one. You can sell or delete everthing on your farm to start with a blank slate. You will still have the same level and the same exp points.

Does deleting the application from my Facebook account start my farm over from the begining?
No this does not reset your farm. When you add Farm Town again your same farm returns with no changes.
However, there is a risk that you can cause problems with your farms by deleting the application and re-installing it. This is not the way to clear any problems. We do NOT recommend doing this.

Is it possible to start over with a new farm?
No it is not possible to start a new farm. You will see those with more than one farm in their signature, however, most of these are farms of family members. It is against the TOS of Facebook to have more than one account.

I had to make a new Facebook account can I transfer my current farm to the new Facebook account?
No your farm can not be transferred to your new Facebook account. Your farms are set up with your Facebook account identification number. That number can not be transferred to your new account and neither can your farms for that reason.

Can I delete my farm?
No you cannot delete your farm. You can delete the application from your Facebook account, but your farm will remain on the Farm Town servers until it is removed for inactivity. There is no definitive time frame on how long after the application is removed that the farm will be deleted from the servers.

Can I transfer my Myspace farm to my Facebook account or the other way around?
No since they are on different platforms you cannot transfer your farm from one account to the other.

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