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Default How do I move around my farm?

Firstly, using the directional pad which is located in the game bar at the bottom of the screen.

However it is easier to use your mouse to move the farm in any direction. Hover your mouse anywhere on the farm then "Left click and hold the button down" , then move the mouse to drag the farm into a new position.

To move your avatar, click where you want to go. Your avatar will move to where you clicked.

I bought a Second farm. How do I get back to the First one?

When you buy a second farm a small green grid titled "SHOW NAMES" will appear top left of your game screen, between your message envelope and coins. Underneath "SHOW NAMES" each of the rectangles represents one of your farms. The top row left to right are farms 1 to 4, the second row underneath are farms 5 to 8 and so on. This example shows 10 farms:

If you hover your mouse over that grid it will expand so you can see it easier. Hover over one of the rectangles and it will tell you name and size of that farm. The yellow colour in one of them represents the farm you are currently on. Clicking a rectangle will take you to that farm.

Clicking on "SHOW NAMES" will open a new window showing you all your farms. If you click on the name of a farm it will take you to that farm. You can find out what else this window can show in Chapter 16 How do I navigate from farm to farm?

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