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Originally Posted by Zeeky Banutski View Post
OK - I've read thru this thread & don't see the answers to my questions, so here they are:

1) It appears that people who do not want to participate in Cargo Ships must "disable" themselves (if I read that correctly). My question on this is - I have (at least) one neighbor that does not participate in Cargo Ships & somehow is listed at the top of my "ports to visit" a result, I've had many Cargo Ships return home completely empty because they apparently visit this neighbor’s “port” & never leave because of the neighbor’s inactivity. So, is there a way that we can remove neighbors that are known to NOT participate in Cargo Ships from our list of "ports to visit"? I see how to move these neighbors to the bottom of the list, but I'm not sure if this is a permanent or just temporary move...

2) Once I've selected to "Reuse Last Itinerary", does that become the default condition for all future Cargo Ship dispatches? In other words, that non-participating neighbor that I spoke about (above)...will they permanently remain on the bottom of my "ports to visit" list or will they resurface to the top of that list on the very next Cargo ship dispatch?
Hi Zeeky Banutski,

I have moved your post to help and support for the ships. Please do not ask questions in the suggestions area of the forum as they can not be answered there. All questions you have about the game please post in help and support.

Yes you can replace up to 10 ports in your ships itineray. You will find how to do that in the Game Guide. Here's the link >>

As long as you still have one ship on a journey you can use "reuse last itinerary" to use the previous itinerary. If on that previous itinerary you had replaced a port it will not show up again when you click to reuse it, it will be the same as it was after you changed it.
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