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Default Why are some trees locked in the store?

The trees are divided into two categories:
  • Those you can buy, and those which are locked until you reach the level required to buy them.
  • Those you can only receive as gifts, whatever your level.

When an Item is Locked in the Store, you need to reach the level listed before you can buy it.
Some of the gift items, on the gift page, also have level restrictions, when you have reached the level required for those they will become available for you to send to your friends.
Even if you have not reached the level to be able to send a particular item from the gifts page, you ARE able to accept those gifts and use them when a friend sends them to you.

The two icons top right of the Tree section in the store allow you to filter the Trees in the Store to show specific types of trees. Or you can use the search box, type in the name of the tree you are looking for.

Clicking this will allow you to filter the trees by:
  • All
  • Current level only
  • Harvest in 12 hours
  • Harvest in 1 day
  • Harvest in 2 days
  • Harvest in 3 days
  • Harvest in 4 days

Clicking this will allow you to filter the trees by:
  • Level Required
  • Alphabetically
  • Cost
  • Harvest time
  • Stored Amount
  • Belt/Dans
  • Catergory

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