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Default What is the "Send as a gift" option in the tree section?

This option is not used to send the tree on which you clicked as a gift, but it refers you to the application that allows you to send a gift to your Facebook contacts directly by selecting the tree. You select your friend the normal way from the lists.

You do have to be at a certain game level to be able to send some of the gift trees. If you have not reached the correct level, when you try to send it, you will see a message telling you it is locked and to select a different gift. When you have reached the level required you will be able to send it.

The "Request as a Gift" just below that option, allows you to post to Facebook requesting that specific item, so your friends can send it to you. There is no level requirement for this. If you have received a gift tree and placed it on your farm you can request it as a gift to get more of them, even though you can't send it yourself when you are not at a high enough level.

These options also work for gifted flowers.

Note These items count in your daily limit requests

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