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Default Chapter 24 - Gifts/Gifting/Accepting/Exchanging/Storing

These are the instructions for the old method of accepting gifts by going to the Facebook Games Activity section.

We've included these instructions as they can be used to accept gifts and neighbour requests, as an alternative, should there be a problem using My Requests. My Requests is a far easier and quicker method. You can NOT Accelerate Trains using this method.

Facebooks area for game requests can only show you up to 100 Farm Town requests at a time, so if you have a considerable amount of requests you may have to return to this section more than once.
  • You can Ignore all the requests showing in this section, with one click OR you can click the X on each request to remove perhaps just specific ones, one at a time.

  • You can only Accept/Exchange or one Gift at a time. There is No Accept All/Exchange All/Return All in this section.

  • You can Return gifts, one at a time, ONLY if you have not already sent a gift to that friend. If a gift has already been sent in the allotted time, you will not see the option to return a gift.

  • Do NOT Accept Train requests here. Those can ONLY be accelerated from the My Requests tab or the Train Manager in the game. If you Accept a train request in this section it will then load the My Requests tab and show you a message informing you that your request could not be processed. The request will disappear, the train will not have been boosted and you will not receive any reward for boosting.

    If the train request is one you have already done and is still showing up in the My Requests area you can come to this section of Facebook and click the X on the requests to clear it.

  • You can Accept/Ignore Neighbour requests, but you can not Return one like you can in My Requests. There is no Add as Neighbour option after you have accepted a neighbour request. You would have to go to the My Neighbours tab to send one to them. When you Accept a Neighbour Request the game will load so do those last if you have more than one request to Accept.

We're only explaining in detail how to accept/exchange/clear or ignore a gift request here as that's more complicated than accepting a neighbour request or ignoring a train request.

To quickly get to Facebook Games Activity section click on this link:
You can also get to this section via the Facebook Games bookmark in the left side of Facebook News Feed.

If you don't immediately see any game request for any of your games make sure you are in the Activity section.

Look for your Farm Town Requests they will look similar to this if you have any:

If you have a lot of requests and want to see them click on the link at the bottom of the list, indicated with an arrow in this picture:

If you want to just quickly clear all the requests click on Ignore all, indicated with an arrow in this picture:

You will then see something similar to this:

Do NOT click the block link in that message if you want to continue recieving Farm Town requests!
If you have more than 100 requests you will need to refresh the page to see more requests.

To Accept a Gift: Click on the Accept button and then you will see something similar to this:

The gift isn't actually accepted yet, as you can see in the box it offers you to exchange the gift. if you don't want to exchange it you can click one of the 2 options at the bottom.
Yes to accept more gifts or No to load the game.
Once you have clicked Yes or No the gift is then accepted.

To Exchange the gift: Don't click the Yes or No yet. Instead, in the window, click on the link that says Click Here.

You will then see that section change to this:

The drop down arrow shows you a list in alphabetical order, scroll down the list and click on the one you want to exchange it for and the gift will be changed. If you make a mistake you can click on the list again to change it BEFORE you click Exchange.

To exchange the gift you must click on Exchange! If you do not you will get the original gift that was sent.

If you have not already sent that friend a gift you will see an option to Return a Gift If you have already sent one to them you will NOT see this option:

Click on the link to the right of "To send a gift back to your friend..." that section will change and if you wish, you can use the drop down list to pick a specific gift to send:

When you change the gift you will see that gift selected:

To send the gift click on Send Gift

To Accept more Gifts: Click the Yes at the bottom of the window and it will take you back to your requests.

If you don't want to accept any more gifts click the No at the bottom of the window and the game will load.

NOTE: Any gifts that are what we refer to as Stuck gifts, are requests that you have previously accepted that did not clear from this area, so those will not show up in your gift box in the game. Only the ones that you have not already accepted will show up in the gift box.

If any requests do not clear from this area despite accepting them, you must then click the X on each one to clear the requests OR if you think they are all stuck then you can use the Ignore All explained earlier.