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Default Can I send Farm Cash items to friends?

Can I send Farm Cash items to friends?

Yes, you can send Farm Cash Items to Neighbours or Buddies. The requirements to be able to send are as follows:
  • To send up to 500 FC worth of FC or FC Items:
    The requirements are that either you have been playing the game for more than 6 months or you have purchased at least 120 Farm Cash. You must also have enough Farm Cash in your account to be able to send it.

  • To send more than 500 worth of FC or FC Items:
    If you have already sent 500 FarmCash or more in value to friends, counting Gift Certificates and FarmCash items, then you will have to purchased at least 305 FarmCash to be able to send FarmCash gifts to friends again. If you have already spent that amount in the game so far, then this rule does not applies to you.

How to Send Farm Cash Items:

Click on the Store icon and find the Farm Cash Item you want to send. You must have enough Farm Cash on your account to cover the cost of the Item you wish to send. Hover your mouse over the picture and "Send" appears. Example below..

Click on “Send” and a new box called “Pick A Farmer” showing your friends profile pictures and the names of their avatars will appear like this >>

You can change this view to a select group by clicking on the funnel filter top right...

All Will show both your Neighbours and Buddies
My Neighbours will show just your neighbours
My Buddies will show just your Buddies.

Use the scroll bar to the right of the box to scroll to find your neighbour/buddy.

When you have found your friend’s avatar name click on “Pick”.
A safety popup will appear telling you what you are about to send, the avatar name and what it will cost. Example...

IMPORTANT! Check the details in the pop up are correct. This is your only chance to cancel. It tells you what item you are sending, the avatar name you are sending to and the cost of the item. Once the gift has been sent it can not be returned or changed. If the details are correct click the green tick to send. If the details are not correct click the red X to cancel.

Once you have clicked the green check mark the Farm Cash will be deducted for your account. Your friend will receive their Farm Cash Item in their Gift box in the game. They need to look in there to find and accept it.

The game will NOT tell you if they already have the item you are trying to send. Please check with them that they need or want the item BEFORE you send it.

You will NOT be able to send an upgraded tool to someone if they do not own the previous tool needed. For example IF they do not own the 4x4 seeder you will not be able to send the 5x5 seeder. If you try to, you will see a pop up telling you this when you click the green check mark to proceed. Example of the warning:

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