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Default How do I store/use the gifts in my gift box?

How do I store/use the gifts in my gift box?

This is your Gift box. If there is a number in red on the box it is telling you how many items are in there. This could be a combination of gifts from the gift page, bonuses and ingredients. Click on it to open it.

The items in the Gift Box that are sent from the Gift Page are all combined by type. Example: When you have multiples of the same gift, instead of seeing 10 boxes of 1xFuel, you will see 1 box of 10xFuel. You will be able to keep 150 gifts on your Gift Box plus about 130 Bonuses and Ingredient Packs at the same time. Bonuses and Ingredients are always listed separately.

On each individual item you will see two or more of these options depending on the item you have. “Multi”, “Use”, “More” or “Store”

Multi: For Trees/Flowers. Allows you to use the multiplanters if you own them to plant your trees/flowers directly from storage. For more information on multiplanters please click on the following link >>

Use: Allows you to plant/place each flower/tree/decoration individually. For animals it lets you place them on your farm. Click on “Use” then plant/place them on your farm. It will continue using those items until you have used all of that gift that you have in your gift box.

More: Clicking on this allows you to post a request to Facebook asking your friends to send you more of that item.

Store : Allows you to individually store each item. Crops and products get sent to your Harvest/products storage. Trees/flowers/decorations get sent to your Item storage. Bait from your gift box gets sent to your waters. Note: Bait received from sending a bonus get sent to your harvest/products storage to use in your Fishing Tackle shop , if you own one. Animals will be sent to any animals buildings that have room for them on the farm you are on.

Can I store more than one Item at a time?

Yes you can. Top right of the gift box you will see “Store Ingredients” just to the right of that is a small drop down arrow. Click on it and you will see the following options:

Store Ingredients allows you to store all crops/products from animals or facilities, bonuses and ingredients in one go. They will be sent to your Harvest/Products storage. Click on “Store Ingredients” to select that option, it will turn blue, then click on “Store Ingredients” again to store them.

Store Animals allows you to send your animals straight to the animal sheds you have on your farm, if there is room in there for them. Click on “Store Animals” to select that option, it will turn blue, then click on “Store Animals” again to store them. If there is no room in your animal sheds on the farm that you are on, they will not move, you can then try another farm with animal sheds on.

Store Plants will allow you to send all trees or flowers to your Item storage in one go, as long as you have enough room in your Item storage for them. Click on “Store Plants” to select that option, it will turn blue, then click on “Store Plants” again to store them.

A-Z Clicking on this allows you to change the way your view your items in your gift box, from default to alphabetically. Click on whichever option you wish to change the view to.

To sell your gifts in storage please see the following post Chapter 14 - Selling

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