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Originally Posted by mewolkins View Post
I put a supreme freight engine in storage by mistake, can not get it out.
Hi mewolkins,

I have moved your post to the thread about Storage as you are trying to get an item out of it onto your farm. If you are still having difficulty getting your train out of storage please continue reading.

Before you take something out of storage you need to make sure that there is an empty space, slightly bigger than the item you are taking out of storage, on your farm, where nothing else is occupying that space or it will not come out of storage.

Make sure that in your game preferences you have added a check mark for everything that is "Show..." in the top section so you can be sure there is nothing in the way. You could click the blue All button in that section to add all the check marks with one click, to be sure you don't miss one by mistake.

There is a way to get it out of storage when you only have a small empty space, but for that you would need the Purple Freestyle Farm Designer. However it would still need at least a small completely empty space on your farm, and will not let you place it so it would be on any crops trees or flowers. As you don't own that, at the moment, the cheapest option is for you to clear an area on your farm to make room for the train to be placed.
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