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September 5th 2019 - Fix released for Train boosting - You will get a new popup window that does not shrink. You can only use one list at a time, because if you pick some from one list then switch to another list it clears the ones you previously selected. So pick the list you want for example "Recently Sent To", send to the friends you want on that, click Done at the bottom of the box and then the box will automatically close. If you can't find 12 from one list and need to use another list just click on Boost Train again and pick another list.

September 5th 2019 - Fix released for the Invite page only. - new pop-up window that does not shrink.

Please do not post about it in this thread as it is only for feedback on the August New Release.

Full information about the shrinking windows and adding new neighbours issues is in the following post. We will update that post as soon as we have new information...

If you still wish to post about these particular issues you can do so in Help and Support

Thank You!

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