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i was able to accpet the work and get the fc .. but not the last few days at all.. no offers either.. haven't a clue why not either..

Originally Posted by Victorious Vivian View Post
My problem with this is when I get new neighbors I dont get the bar that asks about earning farmcash. When I accept the request from my neighobrs I do not go to there farm only to mine or to send gifts. So far I must of lost almost 24 farmcash by not being able to do this. My grandson accepts the requests and is able to earn them. I would like to know why this is as well as only a select few only get the bar to ask others to earn fc. The ones that havent received the fc are we going to be able to get them? I am frustrated with not being able to do this and think it is a good thing to have if it only works properly.
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