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Originally Posted by Dana1971 View Post
Nothing is showing that ppl have anything in their Warehouse..they are not highlighted or anything in the Market Place
Hi Dana1971,

I have moved your post to the new release thread as you are asking about something related to those items.

That part of the release is not here yet. For now you still need to click on avatars to view their warehouse to see if they have anything in it. Keep an eye on Raul's post in the New Release, he will update that when it is released.

What was added last night is the following:

Post Release Updates - July 2nd, 7:00PM

- The Trading Warehouse now shows by default your Trade Marketplace offers when you are at the Trade Marketplace.

- When you order your neighbours by 'Trade Offers' the menu option changes to 'Refresh Trade Offers', so you can click on that option again to refresh the order and update your neighbours beige dots.