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Originally Posted by ladymusician View Post
Would it be possible for to colorize planted fields? Planted fields and plowed fields can look the same. That's one of the biggest advantage to plant Wild Rice because it turns blue to show fields with water...
Hi ladymusician,

What you can do is when you have plowed fields , remove the check mark from show crops. Then pick up the seeder and choose your seed. With the seeder in hand look for the eye in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and click it until it is closed. Then as you plant all planted fields will disappear from the screen as you work. Once you are done if you want to see the crops just show them again in settings.

Please, all suggestions for the game need to go in the Suggestions area of the forum, where all ideas are gathered together in one place for the developers to see. Here's the link to that section, you can't start a new thread there, what you do is reply to one that most suits your idea.
Here's the link to that area of the forum >>

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