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This may have been suggested before, but on fuel, I think our SNs should be allowed to use our fuel doing our farms. I find I am using my one neighbor's small amount of fuel that she struggles to produce before my millions of gallons when I plant her farms. Also one of my super neighbors accidentally unclicked her production in her refineries and is low on fuel now. I want her to be able to use mine when she does my farm so she can build her supply back up. I'd like both Super Neighbors to use my fuel instead of exhausting their own. Having that choice would be great.
There used to be a place where we could choose to allow hired farmers use our own furl but i cannot find it,and then come to find out when we could do that it used the neighbor's fuel anyway. I think this should be changed so that we can choose whose fuel we use, our own or our "employer" if they so agree. I would let SNs use mine working and not make poorer lower level neighbors have to give me their fuel.It seems unfair that a low level farmer has to have their hard earned fuel run out before she can access mine.I should be able to click and allow my neighbor to use MY fuel when they harvest or work my farms. Both of these in question are super neighbors and we should have the choice to allow SNs to use o fuel when working another's farm. Is this possible??.

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