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Default How do I send gifts?

How do I send gifts?
  1. Click on the Send Gifts tab located at the top of your game screen.
    This is an example of some of the gifts you could see:

    Some of the gift items, on the gift page, have level restrictions, when you have reached the level required for those they will become available for you to send to your friends.

    Even if you have not reached the level to be able to send a particular item from the gifts page, your friends that have reached the level of the gift that is locked for you, can send them to you and will be able to accept and use them. If you received and placed a gift on your farm that you can't gift yourself, and you would like more, like a pear tree for example, you can then click on that pear tree and request it as a gift so your friends know that you would like that specific gift.

  2. Choose a gift by clicking on the picture of the gift you want to send, the dot underneath the picture will turn blue to show that gift is selected. In the above example Achiote tree is selected.

  3. Click on Proceed to Send
    (If you do not want to send gifts just yet click the “Skip” button and your farm will load.)

  4. You then see some options to chose from:

    Farmer Lists is all your friends that already play Farm Town. When you chose this option in the window that opens you have more options to
    change the view of your friends to a select group.
    All Farmers: This will display all your friends that are currently playing Farm Town, including those that may have stopped playing for a while, perhaps for a vacation.
    My neighbours: This will display just your neighbours in the game.
    Recently Sent to: This will display the friends that you have recently sent gifts to.
    Farmers helping me: This will display any friends that have helped you, like sending you a gift, worked at your farm, boosted your train.
    Non Farmers: This will display your friends that do not play the game yet.

    Search Friends Manually : Will allow you to search for individual friends to send gifts to.
    You can also use the search box to search for specoific friends, click in the are where it says Search more friends and start typing a name. As you type all friends meeting that criteria within the filter you chose, will come into view.

    Play will just skip the gifting process and load the game.

  5. When you choose one of the blue buttons a window will open where you can choose your friends to send a gift to. It will display your friends profile pictures, if they have one, and their names. The following picture has been edited to protect privacy.
  6. Click on each Send button to the right of each friends’ name to select them. You can select up to 50 friends at a time.

  7. To send the gifts click the Done button at the bottom of the window.
    Your gifts will be sent and your farm will then load. If you have more than 50 friends to send gifts to, just go back to Send Gifts to send more gifts to more friends.

This is the "Show Times" tool in the toolbox. You can send gifts every 8 hours. You can also check how long until you can next send gifts again via this tool in the (Gamewide section). If you own the Gifting tools you can reduce this time further. For those see What are the Gifting Tools?

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