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Originally Posted by jpshaw55 View Post
I have a single farm for quests, with a bunch of 5 x 5 fields. I plant what I need on the 25 fields. The farm is for quests only. When you harvest for a quest you don't need much. In fact, I just prepped for upcoming quests because I have a chance to get 2 FC. I planted four each of 2 x 2 items on 8 of my 5 x 5 fields. Over the next three days I should have what I most likely need. Anything that takes 12 hours or less I can plant as soon as I see the need.

I also planted five each of all the trees and shrubs and flowers.
Same here. I also keep a dedicated Quest farm, as many of us do (I presume), with all the trees and flowers that may be required. However, I stopped planting all the crops and found that for me, only planting crops 'as needed' works just as well, by using fertilizer & irrigation. I usually always get the 2 FC. Eliminates a little bit of that 'screen time' for these tired old eyes!
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