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Originally Posted by Shellgirlmtl View Post
Since Farm 29 we have been getting 25 new levels with the last 5 expansions of the last Farm, in this case, Farm 32, then a new Farm in the next release... On Feb 27th Raul was referring to the ships...

Post-Release Updates - February 27th, 9:20PM

- BugFix: There was a bug in the system that allowed to dispatch a ship even when 24 hours have passed since the starting of it's preparation, this happened when users left the Ship Manager window open and came the next day after the 24 hour preparation period and dispatched the ship immediately. This is not possible anymore.
- The Ship Manager will not allow to start preparation for containers if there is not enough time for the container to complete it's preparation in the 24 hours available to prepare the ship.
- When a container finish preparation we will alert you with a message box so you can go and start preparing another or dispatch the ship without losing much time.
- When a ship is Dispatched, you can now go to the help of each container (? sign) in the Ship Manager to check how many of each products are currently loaded in the container, just mouse over the product images.
- There is a Closed Eye in the Seaport Manager that will allow you to hide those ships that you don't want to see in the Seaport Manager, ex: ships that you have sold, added to storage or are using as a decoration.
- We have increased the rewards for working others ships in the Seaport Manager. Instead of 500 coins per container, the amount of coins will depend on the user level:

level higher than 800 -> 2500 coins per container (levels higher than 800 will be released in the next 2 weeks)
level higher than 600 -> 2000 coins per container
level higher than 400 -> 1500 coins per container
level higher than 200 -> 1000 coins per container
level less or equal to 200 -> 500 coins per container

- The amount of items supported in the game was reaching a limit, we completed a few changes in order to extend that limit, please report any weird behavior that you may find.

I personally am anxious for the last expansions for Farm 32... maybe some new decorations in the people section and some new regular looking cars... Whatever they give us I will be a happy Farmerette... Just love this game...
If you look at what you put in red it says "(levels higher than 800 will be released in the next 2 weeks)" so that means levels are coming soon.

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