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Default Yawn..... waiting for the March 2017 New Release

Now that FT is over with the celebration of 8 years playing in the dirt.....

Let's get ready for the upcoming New Release.... and make some guesses, opinion, wishes for what might be included.

This thread is nothing more than opinion on the contents of the next release....

What the March Release will most likely include:
1] Expansion of Farm #32 from 34x34 up to the current max of 42x42
2] Usually we get bonus Farm Cash and 25 more levels every 3 months or so. This just might be the month for that. If so it will probably be a "phase 2" of the release, following "phase 1" by a week or two.
3] New tools would be even larger than 28x28. It's possible....
4] Two new facilities for Farm Cash
5] Two new coin facilities
6] Some kind of tweek to make the ships more desirable. I see a few players here and there have stopped and closed their port because they just do not have the time to keep checking and helping their neighbors.
Additionally, some players only start the containers which have products they need the most and then dispatch the ship. That makes for less coin to the one who helps advance the ship.
7] A use for Brussel Sprouts?
8] A use for the Cherry Blossom Tree? Or Willow Tree? Or Poplar Tree? Or some nice wood from the Redwood Tree?

When might it become available?

My guess is this coming Thursday, March 9th late at night.

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