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Originally Posted by WingmanFarm View Post
I went to accept a bonus and got a message saying I have over 11 million and cannot accept anymore. >>>No items were sent to your storage by the Mayor since you already reached the limit of 11,000,000 Coins worth of products every 12 hours. <<<

So I cleared it down to just over 7 million but it will still not accept anything and I am still getting the same message. I did the memme clearing but that did not help.

Do I have to wait for 12 hours before I can accept anything and does this also include produces I receive when working another farmers farms?
Hi Wingman,
How did you clear it down to 7 million? The amount you can collect for bonuses is not one of the items in the Show Times tool. If it still says you can't collect then none of your collections for bonuses have cleared yet. The bonus amounts you can collect are from both those you send out and the ones you click on others bonus posts.
You do not have to wait the entire 12 hours, but have to wait until the oldest collection is over 12 hours and then that will only allow you to collect the same amount as that bonus or less.
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