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These are instructions for how to get your Farm Town ID, create a farm link and how to paste your farm link your post in the Forum.

How To get your Farm Town ID:

You can use this method to get your Farm Town ID when you only have one farm or if you are unable to load the game or the automatic linking in the forum isn't working.
Your USER ID number is below the game screen when you load your game. Scroll down the page past the yellow box under your farm screen and look for the long number just after
"Your Facebook USER ID number is: ....... "

Your USER ID also shows at the very bottom of the Send Gifts page if you can't find it below your game screen where your game is loaded..

This is an example of what it looks like, this users ID is 00000000 , YOUR number will be different and may be longer.

When you have made a note of the number you can scroll down the instructions on this page to Alternative Linking to create your farm link for any of your farms!

Mobile and tablet users, if you have no keyboard to be able to use the Farm Selector Manager to get your farm link. Scroll down to Alternative Linking for instructions on how to get your Farm Town ID and make your own farm link.

Method 1: Farm Selector Manager Linking

You can only use this method when you have more than one farm.
It's another way to get your farm link for a friend or to add it to your post when posting in the forum when you don't want your farm link to show in every post.

Please note that the limitations of copy paste in WebGL means that this has had to change as it can not be done the same way as it was in flash.

  1. Load your farm. Click on your Toolbox to open it. Click on the Farm Selector Manager.
    A window will open showing you the names of all of your Farms.

  2. At the bottom of that window click on Copy Link, a brief notification in white lettering will appear then disappear, like this:

  3. Click on the name of the farm you want to copy the link to and a box will appear showing you the farm link for that farm.

    This is an example of a farm link. The numbers in your own link will be different, it will show your own ID number and the numbers at the end represent the farm the farm you have copied the link for:
  4. When you see that box appear, to copy that link you need to use your keyboard keys.
    The common highlight method to copy the link will not work in this area!

    Windows Users you press CTRL and C keys to copy it.

    Mac Users you press the (Command/Cmd) key ⌘ and C keys to copy it.

    The CTRL and Command keys are usually to the left or right of the space bar on most keyboards.

    Remember the game is designed for playing on computers and laptops so if you are using a tablet or mobile to play you may not be able to access the keyboard to use these keyboard shortcuts.

  5. IMPORTANT!!! - BEFORE you copy anything else! Go to where you need to post the link, click inside the message box and then:

    Windows Users you press the CTRL and V keys to paste it.

    Mac Users you press the (Command/Cmd) key ⌘ and V to paste it.

    This is an example of where to click in the message posting box in the Forum:

  6. When you have pasted your link, you can then add your message to the reply box and then click on either Reply or Post Quick Reply to post your message.

Method 2 - Alternative linking
You can use this method to create your farm link yourself, when you only have one farm, the automatic linking to forum isn't working OR you are unable to use the Farm Selector Manager method.
  1. Make sure you are logged into to your Facebook account.

  2. Then Click Here. and a new browser window will open titled "Diagnostic info"

  3. At the top of the list you will see User Id: followed by a number. This number is your Farm Town ID. Make a note of it, you will need it to make your farm link.

  4. You can now create a link to your farm, here is the code you will need:

    Just copy the code and replace 00000000 with your Farm Town ID number.

    You now have your farm link which you can type into your post or if using a computer you can use the use the keyboard shortcuts to paste it into any post.

    Keyboard shortcuts:
    For Windows Users you press CTRL and C keys to copy it. Then CTRL and V keys to paste it.
    For Mac Users you press the (Command/Cmd) key ⌘ and C keys to copy it. Then the (Command/Cmd) ⌘ and V keys to paste it.

If you want to add your farm link to your Forum Signature, or try the Automatic Linking of your farm to the Forum, scroll down to the next post titled "Putting your link in your Signature"

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