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Taz D Oct 12 2011 11:25 PM

Co-operative Quests - Help With Buying Items
We have created this thread, in order to give forum members a chance to help each other complete their Co-op quests.

When you add your Co-op quests here for other members to buy from you please post what product the quest is for, the amount of time left on the quest, and the ingredients used in the quest. This will help other members with determining if you have the item they need.

We suggest that you list yoru quest in the following format:

Quest Name - time length left - ingredients for the quest.

No one can come to your farm to sell you a needed item. Only your neighbors can do that when you put a help note on it. Instead you can search this thread for the item you need and go to their farm to buy the item.

If you list your quests and what ingredients are for those quests as the others have then they can come and buy from you and leave you a message so you can go to their farm to buy.

Please also provide a link to your farm so they can get to your farm to purchase from you.

There are instructions here on how to get your link for your farm for your posts here:

When you are updating your post of your quests, please create a new post rather than editing an existing post as those will be deleted 7 days after the original date of the post.

Please note: All posts within this thread will be deleted, when they are a week old, in order to avoid members, searching farms, where the quests have already been completed and therefore, unable to get the items, that were on offer. Posts are deleted by original post date and not a date added in the post as the modified date. We do not read through all the posts but do a deletion of large groups of posts.

sestree Jul 10 2018 06:55 AM

Anti Aging Soap expires 4.4 days

Lavender, Lavender Essential Oil, Palm Fruit, Palm Oil, Olives, Olive Oil, Tea, Green Tea Bag, Green Tea, Shea Nuts, Shea Butter, Avocados, Glycerol

If you buy something, please let me know as I will probably need it as well

labgirl2 Jul 11 2018 10:16 AM

Load cola (4.6 days)
sugarcane, coffee, cinnamon log pile, sugar, caffine, cinnamon bundle, vanilla, carbonated water, cola

Feel free to buy as much as you need, but please let me know if you buy anything. Thanks!

Cathalina Jul 11 2018 10:24 AM

Please leave me a note if you buy something, I may need it also. Especially the items in red. Thank you!

WHISKEY: 5 days
Barley Malt, Barley

DOCK LIGHTING FIXTURE: 4.4 days in production
Brass Sheet, Lantern Glass, Kaolin Clay Rock, Quartz Rock, Copper Ore, Zinc Ore, Soda Crystals

Cow Milk, Sugar, Coconuts, Sugarcane

WATERING CAN: 4.9 days
Copper Sheet, Copper Ore

LizaLee Jul 12 2018 02:12 PM

Please let me know what you buy, I may need it also.
I usually have more than enough ingredients to share so even if I don't have the final facility there are usually plenty of ingredients for those of you with a similar quest

Tree Guard --- pine logs, bamboo logs. 4 days

Ladder --- Oak logs, oak lumber, ladder. 3.4 days

Steak Sauce --- apples, cider barrel, purple grapes, peppers, onions, oranges, apple cider vinegar, raisins, tomato. 3.9 days

Wall Hung Toilet --- copper ore, walnuts, crude oil, petrochemical, silicone rock, chromite ore, iron ore, black pigment, copper sheet, sensor, stainless steel sheet, plastic granules, quartz rock, kaolin rock, wall hung toilet. 5. days

BabsLeb Jul 12 2018 04:55 PM

Load Tool Shed, In production, 40 minutes: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, plastic granules, soda crystals, quartz rock, aluminum ore, oak log pile, fiberglass sheet, aluminum sheet, oak lumber pile, tool shed.

Produce Baklava, 17.4 hours: wheat, flour, maple sap, maple syrup, walnuts.

Load Bathroom Door, 3.3 days: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, soda crystals, quartz rock, aluminum ore, plastic granules, flat glass sheet, aluminum sheet, bathroom door.

Produce Peanut Sauce, 4.4 days: coconuts, sugarcane, peanuts, coconut milk, sugar, tamarinds, coriander, onions, peppers, peanut butter.

Happy shopping!

Tiger Laybourne Jul 13 2018 08:02 AM

Zaalouk Salad - Eggplant, tomatoes, chilli powder, garlic, coriander, lemons, olive oil, peppers, olives.

MaryinVA Jul 13 2018 01:05 PM

Load Bowling Pins: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, maple log pile, plastic granules, maple lumber pile, bowling pins.

Produce Pine Lumber Pile: pine log pile.

Hayseed C Jul 14 2018 09:49 AM

Hand Sanitizer - crude oil barrel, violets, petrochemical barrel, violet essential oil, aloe vera, ethanol

Curtains - copper sheet, llama wool textile roll, copper ore, llama wool

Necklace - pile of raw diamonds, pile of silver nuggets

Lemon Drops - lemons, sugar, sugarcane

If you buy anything please leave a note on my farm, I might need the same.
If I've run out of something let me know and I'll try to re-stock

marymarcel Jul 14 2018 11:48 AM

Produce Wasabi Paste: wasabi

Produce Scented Candles: vanilla, vanilla essential oil, cotton, beeswax

Load Passion H.T. Lemonade: sugarcane, sugar, lemons, hibiscus, rose hips, lemon juice, passion fruit, passion H.T. lemonade

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