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noone uno Nov 02 2009 03:45 PM

labyrint, labyrinthe, Labyrinth, labirinto, 当惑, 미로, лабиринт, 迷宫, 迷宮 <--- good link

check it out leave a message with what u think

You can click (from standing at the start) the end point and just make my way through the maze with no further clicks and dont get lost

tho ur avatar will walk the maze on its own for more fun zoom all the way in and walk it urself try not to get too lost tho

Welcome Everyone!!! thank you for visiting aMAZEing acres,we hope you have fun. if you like the maze, feel free to come again and bring your friends. also, please Reply to the post to keep it on top so every one can see it.

<j/k> in order to maintain this beautiful farm, we must charge an admission...the fee for one visit to this superb maze out in the beautiful countryside is U.S. $9.99. if you wish to come back several times may i suggest a season pass for the low cost of $79.95 this incudes free lemonade and cookies at the end of the maze, and a taxi ride to the farm of your choice afterwards(because we know after all that walking you'll need it)
payment meathods accepted: cheque, money order, (New!)Paypal</jk>

fyi details: it only took me about 3 hrs (+4 hrs to delete all my fields(stupid click yes to delete)) to put it all in. i did cheat by having a maze design already. and i plan to leave it up till ppl stop comeing by i dont really play n e more so this was something i thought would be cool

special thanks to Brandi the bartender, and rachael for the help and support

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