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Farmgirl_Su Jan 27 2012 02:31 AM

I think many are missing the point..a Quest isnt supposed to be isnt supposed to always complete. If FC are a possible reward then not everyone will finish every Quest. If you haven't got the facility/time/items then just play as before..
I messed up my first I added too much wheat to the I'll try the next one...if I want..These quests are just an added bonus and the very last thing the Devs should do are tell to in minute detail how to win a quest..
Quests like I put in the opening post are an obstacle course not an A to Z map of how ot do it.

blue nile Jan 27 2012 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by Taz D (Post 5025902)
From what I have seen posted so far and the ones I have none of the requirements need more than 1 batch of anything except for harvested items.

Thanks for that Taz!! I was still missing the point lol. Now i realise ONE single click will provide a batch of 40. :)

StoneFace Jan 27 2012 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by SPOTSROCK (Post 5025290)
So i don't have all the facilities .... and my first quest is to produce 10 bowling pens.... well don't have that factory .... think the devs need to think this thru and little bit more... .. .

I think they are working that thru....

for now, each Quest has to be completed by yourself alone... but there was an indication that at some point the work neighbors do for you, and you do for them will be part of the method to complete Quests.

time will tell.....

feistyfarmergirl76 Jan 28 2012 12:47 AM

I was skeptical about quests initially, but tried it out today. My first quest, while a bit lackluster, did net me about a million coins with minimal effort, so I really can't complain. I imagine as we go along, they will get more complex. I agree with Pythonis in that I hope they will eventually make the quests more team oriented. I think they are starting off simply to see how it goes and to work out the programming bugs before getting more ambitious.
What I love about the FT quests is they are not mandatory for advancing levels: You play them if you want but you're under no obligation to if you don't. Just my two cents. :)

dixiegirl Jan 28 2012 09:46 AM

Whine... Moan.. (that is me not being able to do quest)
Yep... thats me.... whinneeeeee,.... moannnnn.... I want to playy tooooo!!!

Let me say right off the bat here that I LOVE this game. I am super addicted, been playing since June 09.

I was so looking forward to the quest as a new fun part of the game. But so far they aren't working for me. Why? I don't have the facilities. Yes some of them are coin and I could buy them. But why? For one quest. If I dont have the goods to fill them on a regular basis that is a waste of coin. Or perhaps they don't fit my "scheme". We have always been able to pick and chose the ones we want to use on our farms. So yes to an extend this one is my own fault. So I didn't do quest number 1.
That brings us to quest number 2. Finally got that... I was thinking this one I will be able to do. Nope it is worse. It requires 4 facilities to product dog snacks. None of which I have. And 2 are for real cash. So I'm out again. On this one I have no option cause I don't have the cash to spend. Again on something I might need just for the quest. I am really bummed.

I mean I really want to play. And I can't. And I am missing out on the goodies, the cash that others are getting. I mean it is great for them. Not mention down the line we are supposed to get more goodies based on how many we complete. So far I'm batting zero. And talking to my neighbors I am not the only one.

Ok Whine over, this may be moved, it may get locked, but I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I seldom post but this time I felt I just had to. Before anyone says anything, I have spent real money on this game. A lot of it. But I just want to play !!!! :D

jcassemjr Jan 28 2012 10:05 AM

So you are basically upset that you cannot play the quests because of how you choose to play the game?

As for the facilities that you don't have, which may or may not fit into one of 13 schemes you have developed, you don't want to buy them for a little quest reward. What about the coins you would earn from selling the finished goods day after day after day from those additional facilities? I haven't had a facility that didn't pay for it self, and then some within weeks of buying it. Decorations never pay for themselves, but I still have many decorative items.

We all choose to play how we want to play, and that will limit us in some way or form. When the Crop Belts came out, I removed every single decoration I had, jammed every facility I owned as close together that is looked like a box of random puzzle pieces, just to maximize my space for crops. I have every crop except 2 of the last ones released at the 6th Degree Dan, and have been able to go back and decorate each and every farm in the fashion I desire. During the time I was working on the Belts & Dan's, I couldn't have nice looking farms, because of how I wanted to play. My choice, not an issue that the DEV's needed to address.

IMHO, I think you have to make a choice, buy the other facilities to be able to participate in all of the quests, or play the game how you want.

LoreneC Jan 28 2012 10:14 AM

My first quest required the pet food factory which is coins and I did not have it. I purchased it, did the quest, and will put the pet food factory in storage. The 5.7 mill I made more than paid for it.

I do not have each and every facility either and eventually I will run into a quest that I can not do. I also like to decorate and do not like to place items that mess with my decorations. Since it was temporary I made room and went with it. Sometimes it gets tricky balancing decorating and earning coins.

I do understand where you are coming from since you did not do the first two, although it sounds like the first quest was a choice since it required a coin, rather than a cash facility.

Also, I did not think your post was whiney and of course the devs want all viewpoints. I am just presenting a different one!

dixiegirl Jan 28 2012 10:24 AM

I did say the first quest was my own fault. I openly admit that I didn't want the facility so I didn't do it. Yes that is how I chose to play the game, I openly admitted that.

But the second quest is not of my doing. I simply at this time do not have the FC to send on the facilities. So I am missing out on being able to take part and earn extra awards.

I think some of you didn't understand the point I was trying to make, that we should be offered some way to opt out or refuse a quest or something. A lot of players simply do not have cash at given points in time to put into the game.

The biggest whine I have is that the awards given will also be based on how many quest we complete and if we don't have the FC items then we are not completing quest. I know they say at some point we will be able to get help from others and help others, and I look forward to that. But in the meantime a lot of players are going to end up behind the curve.

artisanrox Jan 28 2012 10:37 AM

My first quest involves making 25 hot chocolate drinks. I have all the facilities for that, so that's not the problem. We'll see what the future brings.

I hope all of you begging for to-do lists are happy. -_-

jcassemjr Jan 28 2012 10:52 AM

By opting out or refuse, are you saying that you should be given a different quest to see if you can do that one as well? Because, if that is what you are asking for, I could see that there would be players that sit there refusing quest after quest until there is one with everything that they have ready to harvest, and room to start in their facilities, so that they could rush through it to get a higher bonus.

As players, many of us were asking for a new, challenging dynamic to the game. And I think the quests are just such an item. I think for those without some of the facilities will be be challenged to get those facilities. Some players will spend some real currency to get Farm Coins for some of the facilities they don't have, so that they can participate in the quests. But it will be their choice if they want to alter they way they choose to play to participate.

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