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Tiger Laybourne Apr 12 2018 09:53 AM

Re-authorise Farm Town
As of April 2018, as part of Facebook security updates, there is a new requirement that you have to re-authorise the game to access your basic information like name, picture and friends which are essential to the operation of the game. This will happen every 90 days.

***The only information about your friends that we access is the name and picture, and we use that info strictly inside the game, we don't provide or sell that info to any third party.***

The most common question asked is this...
"Why give Farm Town access to my public profile and friends list?"

Your name, friends name and or profile pictures are used for the following features of the game:

Sending and recieving gifts
Sending and accepting train boosts
Working friends facilities and having them work yours.
Co-operative Quests
Neighbourhood Chains Contest
Facility Chains

It is very easy to do :D

If you need to do this you will see the following popup when you load the game.

Click the "Continue as xxx" and another popup up will appear.
In the next popup check that under "Who can see Farm Town's post on your Timeline?" it shows "Public" or "Friends". If it doesn't, click the drop down arrow and change the setting.
Then you need to click OK

That's it, you are done! You will be able to continue playing Farm Town!

Tiger Laybourne Apr 12 2018 09:53 AM

I did not authorise Farm Town, how can i fix this?
I did not authorise Farm Town, how can i fix this?

If you did not allow access for your basic information and your friends list as shown in the post above, then you may not be able to load the game or at least participate in all features of Farm Town. The next time you load the game you may be asked again to give those permissions.

If this does not happen, go to your Facebook Settings then Apps and Websites.
There are 3 tabs
  • Active
  • Expired
  • Removed
Look under Active and see if Farm Town is listed there. If it is then you are likely fine, but you can also check the items the game has access to by clicking the View and Edit. You need to give access to your basic information like name, picture and friends, permission to post on your behalf etc.

If Farm Town is not there, click on and look under Expired. If you see Farm Town there, click View and Edit and then Renew Access.

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