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Tiger Dec 23 2016 08:52 AM

Chapter 32 - Ships
Ships are now available to use!

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Tiger Dec 23 2016 08:54 AM

What are the Ships?
What are the Ships? APR 2019.PNG

A Cargo Ship will allow you to collect products by visiting up to 30 Ports, located on your neighbours farms.

You will be able to buy up to 7 Cargo Ships, located in the Trains/Ships category, all in coins, although it's possible that in the future we release additional farm cash Ships or Tools.

To buy each Ship you will have to have a certain number of neighbours. You can buy more than one ship of the same color, for decoration, however only one will carry products. Here are the 7 ships with the levels and neighbours required:

Cargo Ship Blue, level 100, requires 10 neighbours
Cargo Ship Orange, level 200, requires 15 neighbours
Cargo Ship Green, level 300, requires 20 neighbours
Cargo Ship Purple, level 400, requires 25 neighbours
Cargo Ship Brown, level 500, requires 30 neighbours
Cargo Ship Pink, level 600, requires 35 neighbours
Cargo Ship Yellow, level 700, requires 40 neighbours

NOTE: The Ships require Fuel to dispatch them.
If you do not have enough Fuel to dispatch a ship you will see a notification telling you when you try to dispatch it.

To see the Cargo ships on your farms and other farmers farms, make sure there is a check mark added in your game preferences for "Show Ships". If you do not want to see them you can remove the check mark.
If at a later stage you do not want the cargo ships on your farms, you can store them and just use the seaport Manager to mange them instead. How to use the Seaport Manager is explained later in this Chapter.

If you do not wish to participate in this feature you can disable your port so no ships are sent to you.
Click on How do i Opt out of doing the Ships?

Tiger Dec 23 2016 08:59 AM

How do you Prepare a ship?
How do you Prepare a ship?

First you must purchase one of the ships and place it on your farm. Click on the Ship and select "Show Ship Details". details.png

Preparing a Ship means to prepare each of the containers it will carry. There are a total of 10 containers which are already part of the Ship, no need to buy them in the Store. Each container brings a different selection of products.

The icon.PNG on each container will show you the products each container will bring. You can only prepare one container at a time. The preparation time for each container can vary from 45 to 60 minutes, depending of the type of Ship being prepared.

You have a maximum of 24 hours to prepare as many containers as you can and then Dispatch the Ship. If 24 hours have passed after you started the preparation of the Ship and you don't Dispatch the Ship in that timeframe, you will have to start the Preparation phase all over again. So when starting the Preparation of each container, you will not only need to decide which container to prepare based on the products it brings, but also whether you think you will be able to Dispatch the Ship on time.

You can Prepare one Ship every 20 hours as long as you are not already preparing another ship.

To show the Ship Manager for each Ship, click on a ship and select Show Ship Details. On the first Tab you will be able to Prepare, Dispatch and Unload your Ship. In the second Tab you will see the itinerary of the Ship, including the order of each neighbour Port to visit.

In the Ship Containers tab you will see this >> tab1.png

Click on "Prepare Ship" top right of the box.
Hover over the box of the container you want to add to the ship and you will see "Prepare Container". container.PNG

When you click on "Prepare Container" the box will turn pink and show you it's progress >> progress.PNG

Once the progress is done on that container you can then prepare another container for your ship. The time it takes for a container to be prepare depends on the ship, from 45 to 60 minutes per container.

You will receive a pop-up message telling you when your container has completed loading. When you click the green tick the Ship Manager for that ship will be opened so you can prepare the next container. If you are busy doing something else and don't want to open the ship you can click the red x to close the pop-up. This is an example of the message >> popup.PNG

During this Preparation phase ONLY you may change up to 10 ports on your ships itinerary and change the order of the ports it visits. Scroll down to the next post to see how to do this "How do i change my ships itinerary?"

Once you have started preparing your ship, the Mayor will assign an itinerary to that Ship consisting of the 30 neighbours that have helped you in the last week. The list is complied of those showing in the Games activity Panel beneath the game screen that says "XXX sent you a gift" etc. If there is not enough in that list then the rest of the itinerary will be compiled of the most recently-active neighbours you have.

Tiger Dec 23 2016 08:59 AM

How do I change my ships itinerary?
How do I change my ships itinerary?

This can ONLY be done during the preparation phase!
You may change up to 10 ports in your ships itinerary and you can change the order of the ports that your ship will visit.

Click on your ship and "Show Ship Details"
Once you have started preparing a container you can then click on the Ships Logbook to see the itinerary. logbook.PNG

You will see something like this >>
Note: All profile pictures have been removed for privacy reasons. JULY 2020.png

The green dot indcates that your neighbour is currently online in the game, which could help you decide what order to put neighbours in your itineary.

To change the order of the ports, click on the hand icon, in the box of the port you want to move, and drag the box into the new position.

To replace a port, click on the blue "Replace" button. You can change up to 10 ports. The number on the Replace button tells you how many ports are left that you can change. The example above shows 4 more ports can be changed.
You will then see a new window like this >> JULY 2020.png

This window will show you a list of your neighbours along with their profile picture that you can use. Hover your mouse over the port you wish to choose to swap the current port with and the box will turn yellow. Click on the box and the port will be swapped and you will be taken back to the first picture.

If you click the blue "Cancel" button top right of the box, you will be taken back to the first picture. This is located top right of the window. If you have already prepared a ship before, this will allow you to reuse the last itinerary you previously had as long as you still have those friends as neighbours. This option only works when you have at least 1 ship currently dispatched that has not been unloaded yet.

IMPORTANT: When the neighbour connection is broken, that farmer's port will automatically be removed when you reuse the itinerary for the next ship, which will drop you down to less ports which means less products will be loaded, so always check your itinerary to make sure you still have 30 ports!

If you don't add the missing port(s) back then your ship goes to less ports and will bring less products back when it returns than it would if it were loaded at 30 ports. Having less ports, gives the same results as it would if you skipped a port, lowers the rewards you earn for every port after it. The most products are always loaded at port 30.

When you lose a port there will be an blue Add button showing on the port that you can add back. If only one port was removed out of 30 then the Add button will be on port 1, if you lost more than one port then there will be an Add button on 2 as well and so on. This has recently been changed from being on the last ports so that they will now show at the beginning of the itienery on the first page where you're more likely to see them.

To add a port back you click on the Add button which will then show you a list of your friends who have their ports open then click on the friend to add their port to your ships itinerary. You will then need to move that port to the position you want them in the itinerary and make sure your port 30 is still someone reliable so it won't get stuck there.

Example of the blue Add button on port 1: Port 1.PNG

Tiger Dec 23 2016 09:00 AM

How do I Dispatch my Ship?
How do I Dispatch my Ship?

Once you have prepared as many containers as you want for your ship and the progress is done. Click on the ship and "Show Ship Details". Make sure you are in the Ship Containers tab (it should be highlighted orange). If your ship is ready to Dispatch you will see "Dispatch Ship" top right of the box. Click on it to dispatch your Ship.

The following picture shows you a ship with all 10 containers loaded.
At the bottom of the picture it tells you how long you have left to dispatch your ship. dispatch1.png

NOTE: Dispatching a Ship uses Fuel!
The fuel consumption when you Dispatch a Ship is calculated with this formula:
Number of containers x 20 x port count in the itinerary.
So if you prepared 5 containers, and the Ship has 30 ports in the itinerary, the total fuel required will be 5 x 20 x 30 = 3000

The following is a picture showing you your ship is dispatched, what containers are loaded on it and how many products have been loaded so far. Top right of the box tells you who's Port your ship is docked at. At the bottom of the box it tells you when the ship will be returning.

Once the Ship is Dispatched, you can check the progress of the ship, in the Ships Logbook. It will show you the 30 neighbours it will visit and the order it will visit them in.

Each of those neighbours will have a Port. The Ship will remain on each Port until the neighbour work on it by Loading it with products using the Seaport Manager tool. After that, it will sail automatically to the next Port in the itinerary. The products loaded will not come from the neighbour inventory, but from the Mayor. A Dispatched ship by default will appear semi-transparent in the farm, but unlike the trains, it can be freely moved around the farm like any other item.

- The amount of products Loaded on the Ship at each Port increases with each additional Port visited. As the Ship sails from Port to Port it will be more difficult for you to get that particular neighbour to Load your Ship and send it to the next port, because those neighbours that are farther away in your Ship's itinerary are the ones that play less frequently, and therefore are less active. However when one of those less active neighbours do Load your Ship, the amount of Loaded Products will be higher.

- The Ship will return to its home Port after all the neighbours' Ports in the itinerary have been visited or 7 days have passed since you started the Preparation of the Ship. Then you will be able to Unload the Ship and all the carried Products will be added to your Storage.

- A fully Prepared Ship carrying the 10 containers, which also completes the full voyage throughout the 30 Ports, will bring the same amount of Products as a fully loaded Train that includes all the Freight Cars, however this will be extremely difficult to achieve, so owning the trains will still be a significant advantage because with the trains, the effort and time required is very little. With the Ships, you don't have to spend farm cash, but the effort and time required will be much higher. If you play 1 or 2 hours a day you will be able to prepare 2 or 3 containers per Ship, if you have few active neighbours, the Ship will not travel far and will bring fewer products.

What is the Ship's Logbook? logbook.PNG
This sections tells you the status of your ship. When it is dispatched you can see the neighbours your ship will be travelling to by clicking on the "Ships Logbook" tab. It will show you where your ship is, how long it has been there, and who it will travel to next.

The icon.PNG top right of the Ships logbook just tells you what your neighbour needs to do to help you.

Boxes with a White background are the ports your ship will visit.
Boxes with a Green background are the ports already visited and have loaded products.
Boxes with a Grey background are the ports you have skipped. No products were loaded at that port.
Boxes with a Pink Background are ports that have been disabled AFTER your ship was dispatched. This means your neighbour has disabled their port. You will have to ask them if they have done it temporarily, for say a vacation, or that they are not participating in the ships feature of the game. Disabled ports in your Ships Logbook look like this >> service.PNG

When you hover over that port you will see "This port is out of service" hoverPNG.png

The ship will automatically skip that port and move to the next port in the itinerary that is currently enabled.

Why am I seeing a Skip Port in the Logbook after I have dispatched my ship?
  • If your 1st port is closed you will see this, you need to manually skip it so the ship can move on to the next port.
  • If you skip a port before a closed port, that closed port will then show up with a red Skip Port button.
This allows you to check if your friend has temporarily closed their port. Click "Skip Port" to skip them. Always check your itinerary for any closed ports just before you dispatch it and then make sure the 1st port is not closed. skip port.PNG

Tiger Dec 23 2016 09:55 AM

How do i Skip a Port?
How do i skip a Port?

If your ship gets stuck at a port you can choose to skip that port so it moves on to the next Port.

OR, If you own the Overhead Cranes, you can choose to Self Load the products on a ship that has been stuck for a specified time or longer, so it can move to the next port, as long as it is not the last port. How often you can do this and how many times depends on the Overhead Crane you own. Here's the link to find out all details on how they work What are the Overhead Cranes?

Skipping a port lowers the rewards of every port after it, the rewards of any remaining port shifts to the right. For example, if the reward on port 28 is 1000 products, port 29 is 2000 products and port 30 is 3000 products, then if you skip port 28, the reward on port 28 (the one you skipped) will be 0, port 29 will be 1000 products and port 30 will be 2000 products. You basically gave up the chances of earning 3000 products (not 1000) by skipping port 28.

You can not skip the last port on a ships itinerary. If your ship gets stuck there it will stay there until the 7 days are up and then it will return home.

To skip a Port: Either use the Seaport Manager (explained later in this Chapter) to get to all your ships OR click on the Ship and select "Show Ship Details".

Then click on the Ships Logbook. logbook.PNG

This sections tells you the status of your ship. It will show you where your ship is, how long it has been there, and who it will travel to next.

The Port your ship is docked at will have a yellow background and you will see "Skip Port" in the box port.png

Click on "Skip Port". You will see a warning pop up telling you what you are about to do and that you will be lowering the amount of products available to load in future ports.
If you click the green check mark, the port will be skipped, the box will turn grey and your ship will move on to the next port.

This is an example of a skipped port port.png

NOTE: If you skip a port before a closed port, that closed port will then show up with a red Skip Port button. This allows you to check if your friend has temporarily closed their port. If their port remains closed, you must click "Skip Port" to skip them and let your ship move on to the next port. Example: skip port.PNG

Tiger Dec 23 2016 12:35 PM

How do i unload my Ship?
How do i unload my Ship?

To see if your Ship has returned. Click on the Ship and select "Show Ship Details". details.png

If your ship has returned, in the "Ship Containers" tab you will see top right of the box ship.PNG

Click the "Unload Ship" button and the products that have been unloaded will be sent to your storage.

Tiger Dec 23 2016 07:17 PM

What is the Seaport Manager?
What is the Seaport Manager? icon.png

The Seaport Manager is where you can see and send all Ships that are docked at your Port and prepare, dispatch and reorder your own itinerary for your own ships. You can do this from any farm. You can also add the Seaport Manager as a shortcut and then you can use it everywhere including in the Markets. For instructions on how use shortcuts click on this link: Shortcut Icon detailed information

Once you have bought and placed your ships, if you wish you can store them and use this Seaport Manager to manage your ships. Cargo Ships do count towards storage capacity, however you can delete them if you wish and then use the seaport manager to prepare, dispatch and unload them as they do not get deleted from data.

You need to check the Seaport Manager every now and then to help anyone that has dispatched Ships and have you as one of their ports. If you need to help someone with their Ship there will be a number in red showing on the Ship Manager icon in the yellow Tool box.

To Open the Seaport Manager, click on the Tool Box and then click on the Seaport Manager icon. From there you will be able to see all Ships docked at your Port, waiting for you to Load all their containers with products. Every ship will require a number of clicks to be fully loaded, one to enter the ship and then one for every container loaded on that ship, so this can vary from 2 clicks to 11 clicks, and is based on how many containers are loaded onto the ship.

You can speed this process up if you own the Overhead Cranes. Each Crane will allow you to load the ship of the same colour with one click. When you own all the Overhead Cranes, this will enable the Load All top left of the window which allows you to load all products on all ships, that are showing at your port at the time, with just one click. The Overhead Cranes can also help you with your own ship if it gets stuck at a port, provided it is not at the last port. Here's the link to find out all details on how they work What are the Overhead Cranes?. seaport.PNG

If anyone's Ships are waiting at your port you will see something similar to this. This picture shows two Ships waiting at your Port.

The A-Z filter top right lets you show the ships by Wait Time or by Ship Name.

The blue button underneath the profile picture shows you the kind of relationship you have with the owner of that ship: neighbour/buddy/friend/non-friend, you can click on that button to visit the ships owner farm. In the picture above it shows that person is a Neighbour.
If you do not wish to receive any more ships from the person who sent you one you can remove yourself from being their neighbour or buddy. Click on the blue button beneath their picture to take yourself to their farm, then look bottom left of the screen for a yellow tool box and click on it. SEP 2020.PNG

You will then see this: SEP 2020.PNG neighbour.PNG Click on this to remove yourself as their neighbour. buddy.PNG Click on this to remove yourself as their buddy.

For each ship in your Port, hover your mouse over the white box and "Enter Ship" will appear. Click on "Enter Ship" to proceed. Ship.PNG

You then need to click on "Load Products" multiple times to get the progress bar to 100%. You will have then helped that person's Ship. Products.PNG

The amount of clicks it takes to "Load Products" depends on how many containers are on the ship.
1 click to enter the ship, then 1 click per container, so the most clicks it will take to fully load a ship will be 11 clicks. You will also earn coins and products for every container you load. The amount of coins and products you earn depends on your game level, how fast you sent the ship on and how many containers were on the ship. Full Details are in another post or you can click on How Rewards for sending a Ship on is Calculated.

Once you have finished loading products the Ship will disappear.

Any Ships that show up with a pink background are the ships that have returned home due to the 7 days time being up. It takes 1 click to clear those from the seaport manager.
This is what a ship returning home looks like: home.PNG

When you hover over the box you will see "Hide Ship". hide ship.PNG

Click on "Hide Ship" to hide it. ships.PNG

In this section you can see the status of all your ships, where they are, how long they have been there, trip remaining time, which ship is being prepared and which ships are idle. RED SHIPS.PNG The RED Eye top right of the My Ships section of the Seaport Manager allows you to hide ships that you own that you don't want to see in the Seaport Manager. You may want to do that for any ships that you have sold, added to storage or are using as a decoration.

To show/hide specific ships:
  • Click on the RED eye and it will change to BLACK. SHIPS.PNG
  • You will see a pop up telling you what to do. POPUP.PNG
    This pop up only shows once per session.

  • Click the green check mark on the pop up and you will be able to see that there is a check box top left of each of your ships. Example: ADDED.PNG
  • Remove the check mark for the ships you no longer want to see in the seaport manager. Example: REMOVED.PNG
  • When you have finished making your changes, click on the eye again and it will change back to RED OR you can click the X top right of the box to close. The check boxes will disappear and the seaport manager will then update. The ships that you removed the check mark on will no longer be showing.

  • When you want to see a ship that you have hidden, just click on the eye again, add the check mark back for the ship you want to see. Click the eye to save or click on the X to close the window. The A-Z filter top right lets you show the ships by:
  • Cont. Prep. Time - Container preparation time
  • Port Name
  • Trip Remaining Time
  • Trip Remaining Ports

If you hover over one of the boxes you will see "Open". If you then click on "Open" it will take you to that ships logbook, where you can manage your ships to prepare containers, dispatch, skip ports, unload or Self Load.

Remember, as mentioned earlier in this post, if your ship gets stuck at a port for a long time the Overhead Cranes can allow you to Self Load that ship to move it on to the next port rather than Skip the Port, provided it is not the at the last port.

Tiger Dec 30 2016 09:51 AM

What do the Ship Containers bring?
What do the ship containers bring?
The amounts the ships will bring will vary according to how many products were loaded into your ships before they returned home.
The Factory Ingredients Container imports:
Plastic Granules
Rubber sheet
Flat Glass sheet
Mirror Glass sheet
Orange pigment
Beige pigment
Black pigment
Red pigment
Paper roll
Polyester fiber
Nylon roll
The Liquid Factory Ingredients Container imports:
Crude oil barrel
Petrochemical barrel
Red Ink
Yellow Ink
Blue Ink
Black Ink
FarmTown Beer
Apple cider vinegar
The Ore, Rocks and Minerals Container imports:
Silver Nuggets
Gold Nuggets
Raw Diamonds
Clay block
Quartz rock
Soda crystals
Iron ore
Copper ore
Aluminum ore
Zinc ore
Kaolin Clay Rock
Limestone Rock
Amber Rock
Turquoise Rock
Graphite Ore
Chromite Ore
Marble rock
Tin Ore
The Sheets Container imports:
Copper sheet
Stainless steel sheet
Aluminum sheet
Carbon steel sheet
Brass sheet
Fiberglass sheet
Plywood sheet
The Textile Rolls and Yarns Container imports:
Cotton Textile Rolls
Sheep Wool Textile Roll
Llama Wool Textile Roll
Silk Textile Roll
Canvas Textile Roll
Polyester Textile Roll
Felt Roll
Velvet Textile Roll
Linen Yarn
Linen Rope
The Lumbers and Logs Container imports:
Pine Lumber Pile
Oak Lumber Pile
Maple Lumber Pile
Ebony Lumber Pile
Teak Lumber Pile
Bamboo log pile
Cinnamon log pile
Cedar log pile
Pine log pile
Oak log pile
Maple log pile
Ebony log pile
Teak log pile
The Food Container imports:
Corn flour
Ground Coffee
Burger bread
cinnamon bundle
Olive oil
Chocolate liquor
Honey jar
Vanilla Ice Cream
Tomato juice
Lemon juice
Chilli Power
Yellow Mustard
The Animal Products Container imports:
Cow milk
Hen Eggs
Turkey Feathers
Sheep wool
Llama wool
White Rabbit Fleece
The Fish and Shellfish Container imports:
Shrimp container
Scallop container
Oyster container
Pearl Oyster container
The Crops, Fruit and Flowers Container imports:
Silk Worms
Arabic Gum
Purple Orchid
Yellow Lilies
Pink Rose
White Rose

When a ship is Dispatched, you can click on the icon.PNG of each container in the Ship Manager to check how many of each products are currently loaded in the container, just mouse over the product images.

Tiger Feb 04 2017 09:15 AM

How do i Opt out of doing the Ships?
How do i Opt out of doing the Ships?

If you do not wish to participate in the ships and do not want any ships coming to your port you can do this with the 'Enable Ships' Preference. icon.PNG Top right of your game screen, click on the icon that looks like a wrench/spanner. When you hover over the icon it will say "Preferences".

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and remove the check mark for "Enable Ships" then click the green check mark to save. AUG 2020.PNG

When the "Ships" feature is disabled your seaport will not receive any more ships from other players and other players will not be able to load your ships.

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