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Rob T Aug 25 2014 09:29 PM

Check Your Server
The developers have provided us with a link to check your server and connectivity.

Here is the link, please click on it >>

You will get a new window with the following response >> 040119.png

If you get any other response the devs need specific information from you to help track down the problem.
  • Your Farm Town user ID, this can be done by either providing us with your Farm Town ID number or a link to your farm. Instructions for finding that number and making a link to your farm are in the following link >
  • The farm on which you have the most trouble. Please identify it by number and farm name.
  • Your WF Server (ex: WF3). This number can be found in the red writing in the chat box when you first enter you farm. Even if you have been using the chat you can scroll back and get that information.
Please provide all of the information requested in order for the developers to track down the problem as quickly as possible.

If you receive the response shown in the above picture that tells us and the developers your server is good and we will need to help you investigate on your end what may be causing the trouble. There are several steps in the following thread dealing with the game not loading which can actually help with disconnection problems. Please look at this thread for that information. Please post in that thread for additional help.

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