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Tiger May 25 2019 04:41 AM

Chapter 02 Basics

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What are Coins for?

With coins you can do your shopping in Farm Town (purchasing items such as seeds, trees, decorations) and also use them to pay employees who plow your fields.

Employees who harvest your fields are paid by the mayor with crops and coins. Their reward for working does not cost you any coins.

Tiger May 25 2019 04:46 AM

How do I earn coins?
You can earn coins by...

  • Selling your crops
  • Selling harvested or chopped tree products
  • Selling flowers
  • Visiting neighbours farms once a day, and doing the daily task (tending)
  • Selling fish you have caught in your own waters
  • Working for other farmers, harvesting crops/trees/flowers, chopping trees, plowing, fishing
  • Selling gifts you receive from friends
  • Instead of selling, you can use your produce to make products in facilities and then sell them for a bigger profit.
  • You can work friends facilities and sell any products that you don't have a use for
  • You can earn by doing daily quests
  • Sending ships on that arrive in your port.

When your crops are ready, make sure you hire someone to collect them, you'll earn more by hiring someone else to harvest for you.

When you can, hire someone else to plow your fields: instead of costing you 20 coins a field, it will only cost you 15 coins to hire someone else. Also, if you hire a neighbour it will only cost you 10 coins!

The first time, reinvest all your money in seeds. Depending on what you're able to do, plant raspberries grapes or potatoes for a quick turnover of profit.

Always remember, seed your fields before shopping in the store. This will prevent you from spending money in the store and not being able to plant all of your fields. By planting fields you make a regular income!

Tiger May 25 2019 04:52 AM

How do I visit other peoples' farms?
How do I visit other peoples' farms?

You can visit any neighbour, in the neighbours bar at the bottom of the game screen.

Click on their picture or their avatar in that bar and a menu will appear, scroll to Visit xxx's Farm, when it turns orange, click on it and you will be taken to their farm.

In this example we are going to visit Maria: MAR 2022.png

If you have many neighbours, there are green and blue arrows at the left side of the neighbours bar that you can click on to scroll though them.
You can also left click your mouse on any neighbour and drag that bar to the left or right if you don't need to move it that far. MAR 2022.png

If the chat window has appeared where the neighbour bar should be, click the Hide button to the left of the Chat window to close it. MAR 2022.png
You can also visit the farms of anyone you see in the game when you are online, by clicking on their avatar and choosing Visit xxx's farm from the menu.

To return back to your own farm: You can do any of the following.

Click on your avatar and then click on Go To Your Farm. This will take you back to your default farm. MAR 2022.png
Click on the house icon bottom right of your game screen. MAR 2022.png

When you have more than one farm and you click on the house icon you will have more options.
Each numbered box under SHOW NAMES represents one of your farms, clicking on one of those boxes will take you to that farm.
This example shows 44 farms with Farm 11 highlighted in yellow. MAR 2022.png

SHOW NAMES when clicked on will open a large window titled Go to Farm.
In that window there are boxes representing each of your own farms along with the name of each farm.
Clicking on the name of a farm will take you to that farm.

DEFAULT when clicked on will take you back to your default farm.

LAST when clicked on will take you back to the last one of your farms you were on. This is also indicted by the yellow in the one of the boxes representing each of your farms.

Tiger May 25 2019 04:54 AM

How can I change the name of my farm?
Hover your mouse over the sign which says the name of your farm at the top of your game screen and then click on it and a window appears.

In the new window type the new name of your farm. Click the green check to save the change, or the red cross to cancel.

The Disable Super-Neighbour Farming option is explained in Chapter 05 What is a Super Neighbour?

As you progress in the game and get more farms, buy tools, there will be other options added to that window like being able to make a farm a Default Farm, Quest Farm or a Private Farm.

Tiger May 25 2019 05:23 AM

Can i make a farm Private?
Yes. You can do this when you have at least 2 farms.

If you wanted to prevent anyone going to a farm for any reason, perhaps you are decorating it and want to wait until it's finished before you let others see it, it is possible to make it a Private farm. You can make all but one farm Private. You will not be able to hire anyone to work a private farm. Super Neighbours will not be able to irrigate or water a Private farm.
  • Go to the farm you want to make Private.
  • Click on the name of the farm at the top of your game screen and a window will open.
  • Place a check mark in the box for "Make this a private farm".
  • Then click the green check mark to save. APR 2022.png

Note about Facility work and Private Farms - You will not be able to post facility work from facilities that are on a Private farm. You would have to use other facilities on farms that are not Private. When you try you will see a message like this: APR 2022.png
  • Friends that do NOT have the trains that help with facility work will not be able to go to a Private farm to work them.

  • Friends that do have the trains to help with facility work can ONLY work the facilites on the private farm IF if you have enough farms with work on them so that when the mayor takes over doing the rest of the farms (the last 40 to 60%) the mayor will do those facilities for them.

  • Those with the 2 trains that allows them to work all facilities from the farm they arrive on will also have the work on the Private farm included.

The other options in that window are as follows:

Make this My Default Farm - adding a check mark here means anyone visiting you would be taken to that farm, for example via clicking on your avatar at market or visiting you through the neighbour bar option.

Make this a Quest farm - You will only see this option when you own at least one of the Animal Harvesters, adding a check mark here would prevent the animal sheds being harvested using the Harvest All button at the top of the Facility Manager, which can be useful for Quest purposes. If you don't own any of the Harvest All tools, (Animal Harvesters) then this option is not available to you.

Disable Super-Neighbour Farming - This will prevent your Super Neighbours from doing any farming work on this farm. You may want to do this for a farm you are designing or have designed or a quest farm where you do not want anything worked on.

Super Neighbours will not be able to use any of the mobile sprinklers to irrigate or water your Quest or Private farms Note: On a Quest farm, the flowers can be watered using the watering can.

Animal Behaviors - NEW OPTION - If you would like to change the animal behavior on a specific farm, click on the little drop down arrow next to Select Animal behavior in this farm and you will see the options. APR 2022.png
Freezing animals prevents them moving around freely on your farm which can be useful if you want them to stay in the same spot when you may be designing so that they don't move around an could get in your way or you may want them to stay within fences you may have placed on the farm. To Freeze the Animals set the option like this: APR 2022.png

Tiger May 25 2019 05:38 AM

What does the message regarding the "lottery" mean?
When you first connect to the game for that day a message will appear stating that you won the lottery and have been awarded a varying amount of coins. This will happen the first time you go to your farm daily.

This is just a little bonus for the regular players.

This is an example of the message you will see... sep 2018.PNG

If you click the green check mark you will take a photo of your farm which you can post to Facebook and the coins will be added to your total.

If you do not want to take a photo of your farm, click the red check mark and the coins will be added without taking a photo.

Tiger May 25 2019 05:43 AM

How do I move around my farm? pad.PNG

Firstly, using the directional pad which is located in the game bar at the bottom of the screen.

However it is easier to use your mouse to move the farm in any direction. Hover your mouse anywhere on the farm then "Left click and hold the button down" , then move the mouse to drag the farm into a new position.

To move your avatar, click where you want to go. Your avatar will move to where you clicked.

I bought a Second farm. How do I get back to the First one?

When you buy a second farm a small green grid titled "SHOW NAMES" will appear top left of your game screen, between your message envelope and coins. Underneath "SHOW NAMES" each of the rectangles represents one of your farms. The top row left to right are farms 1 to 4, the second row underneath are farms 5 to 8 and so on. This example shows 10 farms: small.PNG

If you hover your mouse over that grid it will expand so you can see it easier. Hover over one of the rectangles and it will tell you name and size of that farm. The yellow colour in one of them represents the farm you are currently on. Clicking a rectangle will take you to that farm. 10.PNG

Clicking on "SHOW NAMES" will open a new window showing you all your farms. If you click on the name of a farm it will take you to that farm. You can find out what else this window can show in Chapter 16 How do I navigate from farm to farm?

Tiger May 25 2019 06:04 AM

How do I Plant seeds in my farm? single.PNG

First of all you need to plow fields. To do this use the tool as shown above. If crops have wasted you also use this tool to plow the wasted fields.

Once you have done this you need to plant seeds. tool bar.PNG Click on the Store icon and then click on the "Seeds" tab. Any seed that is showing unlocked is one you can plant. Hover your mouse over the box containing the seed you want and "Buy" will appear. Click on "Buy" then click on a plowed field to plant the seed.

This is an example of what you could see:

Top left of that window will show you how many coins you have available to spend. Don't spend them all as you will need coins to plow the fields again, plowing always cost coins.

If you have a purchased a seeder ( 1x2 , 2x2 or 3x3 ) you can plant more than one field at a time, however these tools use Fuel. How to get Fuel is explained in Chapter 20 Fuel. Click on the Seeder to pick it up and the Seed section of the store will open. Then click Buy on the seed you want to plant and then click on the plowed fields.

As you plant each field, coins will be deducted from your coin total.

You can find out more about Crops and how to sort the seed list in Chapter 26 Seeds.

Tiger May 25 2019 06:06 AM

How do I Harvest fields, trees and flowers? single.PNG

Once your crops, trees or flowers are ready to be collected, use the "Harvest" tool (picture above) and click on the field, tree or flower you wish to harvest. Your Harvests will then be sent to your Harvests & Products section of Storage You can find out all about the different sections of Storage in Chapter 14 - Storage tool bar.PNG When you have finished harvesting and click the Walk icon (Green Man) to stop using the tool everything will come back into view.

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