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Raul Apr 03 2017 07:11 PM

New Release -- April 3rd, 2017
See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on April 27th, 7:40PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes: En Espaņol AQUI

1. 12 Easter items: 3 as gifts, 5 on the top of the Easter category in the store and 4 at them bottom.

2. 22 Ships and Ports related decorations: 21 of them available at level 100, they are on the 'Other' category in the store, about one third from the top. The last one is a big crane available at level 825 at the very end of the category. It has 2 versions, you can attach containers to one of the versions.

3. 44 x 44 Farm expansions for the first 10 farms: 25,000,000,000 coins or 30 farm cash each.

4. Crop tools 6 x 6 with extended mode support (FC): This new set of crop tools will work all fields in a squared area the size of 6x6 fields using the new faster method of farming, only highlighting a fixed squared section of the farm.

The main benefit of these tools is for working up to 576 partially overlapped fields at once. Overlapping fields is still not officially supported but if you do it on your farms or work on other players farms that do overlap fields, these new set of tools will enable a much faster farming.

5. Bug fixes released in the past 3 weeks:

- Bugfix: Hidden ships in the Seaport Manager showing again after a while
- Bugfix: Fixed issues when navigating to other players farms from the Seaport Manager
- Bugfix: The smaller harvesters (non extended mode tools) were not highlighting the targeted fields correctly, sometimes it was highlighting fields that were not in the correct squared area for the tool

6. Other Improvements:

- When sorting alphabetically in the Storage and Market screens the (Large) box will always appear right after the regular box of the same product
- When sorting by Stored Amount in Storage and Market screens, first the regular and large boxes are combined for every product and then the sort is presented, for ex: if you have 1000 regular cotton boxes and 2000 (Large) cotton boxes, we will assume your total cotton stored is 3000 and will place it accordingly in the crops list
- Added new buttons ( |< and >| ) to most scroll bars in the game that takes you to the top and bottom of the list
- Added a new Belt / Dans sort in the store for the Crops, Trees and Flowers categories
- When a user load one of your ships it will appear at the bottom of the game along with the other users helping you
- The filter and sorting dropdown boxes in the Store, Storage, Market and other screens is now much bigger so you don't have to scroll much
- The Harvesting, Chopping and Fishing operation have been slightly changed to operate in a more uniform way, this will allow us to increase the chances of being able to optimize further these operations. In the case of the fishing, these changes will cause that fishing becomes somehow slower or faster than before depending on the farm being worked on.

7. Other minor Improvements:

Bugfix: The XP progress bar doesn't show how many XP you need to get to the next level for anyone over level 800
Bugfix: When designing on someone else farm, if you change the farm cover it changes your own farm instead of the farm you are designing
Bugfix: When sending farm cash gifts, the picture for the buddies are not shown until the second time the window is opened
Bugfix: When using the Excavator tool, the coins from the sale of the items gets added in the current session but are lost after a reload of the game
Bugfix: When buying any item from the store, if you interrupt the buying process, for example by closing the Choose Model screen, after that, if you click on the farm the avatar do not move
Bugfix: Some users had a special farm corruption that caused the job completion bonus to fail for hired employees, the farm appeared empty but the game was telling otherwise to the employee

8. Landscaping Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Landscaping Supplies.

Gunny Sacks
Tractor Rake
Red Mulch
Sun Guide Cap
Tree Climbing Spikes
Fertilizer Spreader
Flowers in Pot
Flowers in Tinajon

First time use as ingredients: Pansy, Petunia, Blue Hydrangea, Daisy, Yellow Rose, Daylily.

9. Plumbing Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Plumbing Supplies.

Coupling Set
Sink Trap
Pipe Wrench
Teflon Tape
Plumbing Tool Box
Spring Drain Cleaner
Pipe Cutter
Shower Drain

10. Native American Restaurant (FC): Produces Native American Food.

Seminole Hominy
Navajo Tacos
Cherokee Casserole
Hidatsat Stuffed Pumpkin
Bacon Pemmican
Three Sisters Stew
Juniper Lamb Stew

New products in other facilities: Frybread in the Bakery.
First time use as ingredients: Dried Cranberries, Cream of Mushrooms and Chokecherries.

11. Plumbing Shop (Coins): Provides Plumbing Services and can be stocked with products from the Plumbing Supplies Factory.



Post-Release Updates - April 6th, 5:30AM

-Released 4 facilities.

Post-Release Updates - April 6th, 7:00PM

- Reverted the fishing changes back, now when you click the water items should disappear immediately. This also brings back the original issue, meaning that even when the water items disappear immediately from your screen, they may have not been processed completely on our servers yet. To add more information about the real progress of your farming on our servers we modified the top right blue disk meaning according to these rules:

1. If the disk is white, there are no pending "Save" operations to be completed on our servers

2. If the disk is blue, there is 1 pending "Save" operation to be completed on our servers

3. If the number of pending "Save" operations is bigger than 1, then instead of the disk we will show that number. So if you see a number 5 instead of the disk, it means there are 5 "Save" operations still to be emitted to our servers to "save" your farm work. This also means that if you close your browser at that moment without waiting for that number to go away and show a white disk instead, then the next time you get back to your farm you will have to redo that work again.

Notice that you can't click in the button with the number to Save the operations because the game is already trying to Save the operations, they are just in a queue waiting to be completed by our servers. The speed at which they complete depends on several factors, the amount of items involved, the speed of the users internet connection, the speed of the user computer, etc.

But the most important thing of all, this is the way it has worked since the beginning of the game, 8 years ago, there is nothing new here, the only thing new is that now you are able to see the counter on the top right, and before there was no counter, but there was still the same queue of operations to be completed, under the hood, invisible to you.

We decided to show the counter just so you have a visible idea of how long it will take for the fishing operation to complete on our servers, now that we are hiding the water items immediately as you click on them.

For the trees, flowers, crops, etc, the counter is not technically necessary because that's why the shadow/transparent items are for, when there is a shadow/transparency on the items you click (crops, trees, etc) this means that the operation on those items has not completed yet on the server.

Again, you can just ignore that counter and continue doing the same thing you have been doing.

Or you can use it in your favor, for example if the counter starts to go up abnormally, you know there are some issues with the game, servers, or internet connection somewhere between your computer and our servers.

If this approach works fine, we will also change the Tree Shaker so it hide the items on click instead of showing the transparency/shadows, like the fishing, at least for the bigger extended mode tools, but we hope this can be done to all the tools, including the smaller tools.

Post-Release Updates - April 7th, 8:00PM

- On this released when we introduced some changes to the harvesting of trees and flowers, unintentionally we made it so when using the non-extended mode, that is to say, when using the old highlight mode, as you were clicking on the trees and flowers, you were not able to click on the transparent/shadowed trees or flowers to harvest the next set of plants, this caused some negative effect, as it required you to click exactly on the next still ready to harvest tree or flower, which required more precision, this behavior probably caused a lot of missed clicks and a general degraded experience when harvesting. Now it should be all back to the way it was a week ago in that respect. Even faster, according to our tests, with some other optimizations we have done lately.

More optimizations to come in the next few days and weeks.

Post-Release Updates - April 8th, 2:00AM

- Fixed a bug that was causing the recently worked fields to disappear when using the crop tools.

Post-Release Updates - April 8th, 4:00AM

- Released 22 Ships and Ports related decorations, see post above for more information.

Post-Release Updates - April 20th, 11:40PM

- Released more optimizations for all crop tools, including extend and highlight mode.

Post-Release Updates - April 27th, 7:40PM

- Released a new version that should fix the issues some users were experiencing where some farms do not fully load correctly. If you are still having this issue, please report it on this thread.

Known Issues:

- The zoom in and out using the mouse wheel is not working on the latest update of the Chrome browser when in full screen mode. It should work when you are not in full screen mode or when you click on the + and - icons in the bottom panel. We hope they fix this issue quickly, as it's also happening on other games in facebook.

Taz D Apr 03 2017 07:14 PM

Thanks Raul! :)

WillowTreeFarm Apr 03 2017 07:16 PM

Thank you! The Easter decorations are lovely.

Tiger Apr 03 2017 07:43 PM

Thanks very much Raul and development team.

Love the new tools. Much quicker on overlapped farms :D

Petuniaflower Apr 03 2017 07:48 PM

Bought the new tools Thank you Can't find anything else:confused:Waiting for someone to say,if they have!!

Lee Ann Apr 03 2017 07:56 PM

thank you Raul & team

GoalieAunt Apr 03 2017 08:08 PM

Thank you, I realized the new release was out when I saw that we can sort seeds by belt/dan when planting. That was on my want list. :)

Edit to add: There are now scroll to top/bottom buttons on scroll bars. This will help immensely when I am farming on my iphone. :)

2nd edit: The drop down menu in storage now shows everything and not just the few items. :) I'm really loving this release with just these little changes. Looking forward to see what else there will be.

Snookie Sue Apr 03 2017 08:24 PM

More farm extensions.
That's all I can find in addition to the bigger tool for stacked farms. Oh well, won't be spending much this time guys. Farms are too big already and I don't stack. Maybe the facilities will be nice though. Also really like the butterfly exhibit under the Easter category. Was really, really, really hoping to see some tool that could speed up the oh so time consuming ship loading. As of now my ships are not much more than decorations as I work and try to have a life outside of FT. Still love the game however and appreciate all your hard work and creativity.

jerrbearsr Apr 03 2017 08:26 PM

44x44 expansion for farms 1 - 10.

notaparagod Apr 03 2017 08:27 PM

Excited to see what is new!

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