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marymarcel Oct 27 2016 12:24 PM

Best Farm Contest - 8th November - 30th November, 2016
Hi Farmers!:)

Welcome to our Official November Competition!! EN ESPAŅOL AQUI

This month's theme is "Fall/Autumn", so here's your opportunity to show us your fabulous farms and enter the contest with a chance to win some Farm Cash!!

This month's contest theme is Fall/Autumn.

We are looking for designs that use the whole farm to represent this season. You may want to design a landscape, copy a painting that has a Fall/Autumn theme, design a picture that represents the season or show us what you do during this time of the year. We will also be interested to see what you do with any Fall/Autumn items available to you in the store and will be looking for the best use of these items should you decide to use them.

Important Notice for ALL who enter, especially Late Entries:

If you have never entered before or are unsure if you will be able to post correctly, please do not leave entering the contest until the last day. We are here to help, but it takes time to communicate with you via Private Messages and you need to be logged onto the forum to recieve them in order for us to be able to help you before the contest closes. We often need to help many members and it may not be possible to correct all entries in time, if they are entered on the last day.

Please double check your contest entry BEFORE you leave the forum. If it is obvious that something is missing from your entry, like the picture of your farm or your farm link then you are going to need help to fix it. If you see your entry does not look right please do post a request for help in the contest help thread and regularly check the forum for any replies to your request for help or any Private Messages sent to you.

Any entries that are not posted correctly by the time the contest closes will not be entered into the competition!

Thank you for your co-operation

Prizes are as follows, divided into 2 Categories:


1st Prize - 120 Farm Cash
2nd Prize - 75 Farm Cash
3rd Prize - 50 Farm Cash


1st Prize - 120 Farm Cash
2nd Prize - 75 Farm Cash
3rd Prize - 50 Farm Cash

Please, do not enter your farm without reading this ENTIRE post. Thanks!

The competition will begin on Tuesday, November 8th at midnight, and will close on Wednesday, November 30th at midnight. The winners will be announced a few days later after the closing, depending on how many entries there are, as every entry has to be checked.

Note: All times are in GMT

Contest Guidelines:
  • Show us your fabulous designs for Fall/Autumn!!
  • You can use any items from the Store, Gifts or your Storage.
  • You can choose between a "picture farm" or a traditional design.
  • You will be able to harvest any crops, trees etc. Crops must be in place at the close of the competition, and can be any crop, but they either must be growing or fully grown and not wasted. This also applies to trees and flowers. You can chop/harvest trees and flowers, but they will need to be at full growth, by the time the competition closes.

Contest Rules:
  • You have to be a member of the Forum.
  • Your farm can be any size.
  • Your entry needs to be a picture of your farm. Do not post a picture on behalf of someone else.
  • One farm entry per contestant. Do not start another forum account to enter another farm.
  • Be sure you are entering the correct farm and picture for your entry as you may not change your mind once entered. You cant add/delete any items on your farms once you posted your photo into the contest. NOTICE: If new items are released AFTER you have entered you are not allowed to make additions to your entry, so please be sure you are done.
  • Your farm photo must be an exact replica of your farm. Do not hide ANYTHING to take your photo.
  • You cant redecorate the farm you have entered into the contest until the winners have been announced.
  • You have to provide the following information: A photo of the farm that you wish to enter. The link to the farm you are entering. The name that you have given that farm and the farm number

Links to help you:

How do I post a picture for the Contest? Please remember, you must use the Small size while taking your photo as the Regular and Large sizes are too big for the forum. If you choose the wrong size, then we will delete your post and will send you a private message asking you to take a new photo using the right size. NOTICE: Your farm photo MUST be set to Public and remain that way till the winners are announced or we will not be able to help you if your entry needs fixing. To set the photo to Public, please open your Farm town album, and click in your photo. You will see the photo and on the right you will see your name and the date, besides the date you can see who are able to see that photo. Click there and set it to Public.
ALSO, remember to remove the check mark if you have set that farm as PRIVATE, so we can visit it.

Linking your farm to the Forum Please remember we need the link to the farm you are entering.

Contest Help Please post here if you have any questions or requests for help.

Suggestions for the monthly Best Farm contest If your idea is chosen you will win a prize of 15 Farm cash!

The judges are as follows:

Moderators: Taz D, marymarcel, Tiger Laybourne, KnightRider and crafty chris.
Helpers: LazyMare

Thank you for sharing your farms and GOOD LUCK!!!

marymarcel Nov 07 2016 05:58 PM

Hi all :)

I am pleased to open our November Contest.

We are looking forward to see your wonderful farms for Fall/Autumn. Best of luck to all who enter here!!:)

Please be sure to read the rules carefully as once you have entered then nothing can be changed. If you have any problem, please post in Contest Help.

cleotanglao Nov 07 2016 08:24 PM

purple pensee Nov 08 2016 02:59 AM

Peggios Nov 08 2016 04:43 AM

Autumn Queen

Ceci´s Farm Nov 08 2016 05:06 PM

Down by the river
Farm No. 11

kabsmommy Nov 08 2016 11:49 PM

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving(farm 11)

carmenluisa Nov 10 2016 10:33 AM

Otoņo tiempo de agradecer Nov 10 2016 11:13 AM Farm 16: The magic Touch


mtruncali Nov 10 2016 01:58 PM

Thanksgiving Day Parade..Happy Thanksgiving!

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